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What are the Rewarding Jobs in Banking and Finance?

Updated on March 11, 2013

Do you have excellent accounting skills? Have you always desired to utilise this skill to make a profession? A career in banking and finance may be apt for you. Banking and finance jobs are in demand as they involve challenges as well as rewards. Here, you will find out about the most rewarding jobs in this industry.

Financial analysts- these professionals provide assistance to their clients in making the right investment decisions. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, statistics or business administration is required to become a financial analyst. An MBA degree will enhance career opportunities. The average annual salary of a financial analyst is around ₤50,000.

Personal financial advisors- these professionals with their expertise in tax law, investment and insurance provide the best financial advice to their clients. A personal financial advisor can earn up to ₤56,000 per annum. Mathematics, economics, finance or accounting- a bachelor’s degree in any of these disciplines is necessary to become a financial advisor.

Accountants- they perform the analysis and planning of matters related to accounting theory and practice. College degree in accounting or any relevant discipline is the requirement. Having an advanced degree and related work experience will improve career prospects. The average annual salary of an accountant is near about ₤35,000.

Auditors- professionals holding the position of an auditor review accounting records and present financial reports to their clients. A bachelor’s degree in an accounting discipline is the minimum educational requirement. As an auditor, you can earn a salary amount of ₤46,000 per annum.

Loan officers- professionals who help individuals and organisations in applying for loans are called loan officers. They evaluate the creditworthiness of their clients and suggest the most affordable loan for them. Most employers prefer to employ candidates having a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance or in any other related discipline. A good base of knowledge in computers and experience in the field of banking or sales is an advantage. A loan officer can earn an annual average salary of ₤40,000.

Collectors- they track overdue account and collect payment from the account holders. Excellent computer and communication skills are necessary to succeed as a collector. A high school diploma is the basic academic qualification required to be a collector. If you have a college degree and related work experience, you will get an edge over other candidates to attain this position. A collector earns an average salary of ₤25,000.

Bank tellers- these professionals perform a number of tasks like

· Cash checks

· Accept deposits

· Loan payments

· Process withdrawals

· Sell savings bonds

Employers mostly prefer to recruit candidates for the position of a bank teller who possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business-related discipline. A bank teller earns around ₤20,000 annually.

Treasurers- the main duty of a treasurer is to ensure that the company he or she works for fulfils their financial goals and objectives. The professional supervises the investment of funds and develops strategies for capital-raising. Employers emphasise on employing candidates having higher qualifications (an MBA degree) for the position of a treasurer. A college degree in economics, accounting, finance or business administration is the entry-level requirement. Treasurers earn around ₤66,000 per annum.

Budget analysts- they offer help to organisations in developing their annual budgets. As a budget analyst, you will be required to provide an estimate of the future financial requirements of your company. A degree in economics, statistics or accounting is the basic requirement to enter into this profession. An MBA degree is preferred. A budget analyst can earn up to ₤46,000 per annum.

These are the rewarding jobs in the banking and finance industry. You can consider these roles when finding finance graduate work placement.


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