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What are trenching and excavation? How does trench excavation work? Your guide to excavation insurance

Updated on January 26, 2010

Excavation Insurance uncovered

As always.. By no means am I an insurance specialist. I kind of got up one morning and decided I needed to know more on how Insurance companies analyzed artisan contractors. Please be sure to contact your local insurance professional should you have any further in depth questions. I present your guide to excavation insurance.

How does trenching work? What is an excavation contractor?

I recently had some major piping dug up in my front yard. We had bulldozers, barricades, and orange construction tape wrapped around my entire yard. That inspired my interest in excavation also known as trenching work. These guys are in business to prepare land for the construction world. Examples are as follows: clearing of land, pouring of foundations / digging of foundations, and the removal or installation of underground utility pipes.

Upon entering work zones , land clearing must be performed prior to the commencement of all other work. Land clearing includes the removal of trees and other shrubs or basically any material which may hinder the construction process. Once the land is clear our excavation contractor can start digging. As a nugget of additional information, many trenching contractors are certified via the National Utility Contractors Association and the American Underground Construction Association.

Burst pipes anyone?

Have you ever had to have pipes unearthed on your property?

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Possible claims scenarios insurance companies reivew when determing excavation contractors insurance

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls occurring on insureds premises
  • Cutting of underground utility lines
  • Machinery noise could possibly lead to complaints
  • Some of the contractors operations could result in attractive nuisance claims (Kids playing on a bulldozer
  • Falls into open trenches without the appripriate warning signage
  • Cave - in exposure also exists
  • 3rd party bodily injury and property damage

Factors to consider when searching for your excavation or trenching contractor

  • What is the contractor's loss history in the last five years?
  • Has the contractor ever been cited by OSHA?
  • Are they apart of any organizations that¬†certify¬†excavators?
  • What controls are in place to mimize damage during an actual loss?
  • How much limit does the contractor carry in total insurance?

Have you ever had trouble with your local excavation contractor?

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    • profile image

      Candice Harding 3 years ago

      As with other building professionals, it is really important to know an excavating contractor's experience and history. The list of factors is a really good starting place. I would also ask about licensing and to talk to previous clients. You can learn a lot about a business by how they response when you ask to talk to other people who have hired them.

      Candice Harding