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What can any president do under the present, hateful, set of circumstances?

Updated on May 10, 2012

leadership in crisis


I would work on trying to solve the bi-partisan deadlock that presently exists between the two primary political parties. We have a situation where the effectiveness of the U.S. government is being affected, even to the point where it has dangerously come to a standstill because of the opposition of two unrelenting forces (the two major political parties). This is a shameful situation. If one reviews the landmarks that the present president have achieved, even under the most adverse political circumstances, one sees an unbelievable accomplishment. Other civilized countries, in the world, wonder how it is that we have "not" caused another Great Depression, because of the "hatefulness" that exists within the halls where our leaders waste time "doing nothing." One may read my discourse and say, "President Obama is attempting to do the same thing that I would do if I were president." This is probably the case. President Obama is not a bad person, even his enemies say that they do not believe that he is a bad person. Somehow we much deal with the evils of running the U.S. government, before we can be more effective at running it.


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    • ciaralw profile image

      ciaralw 5 years ago from San Diego, California

      I like what you have implemented here and the apathy and understanding that you have, for someone in a very serious and stressful position

      You also relate to my feelings about having to vote on another presidency. It can be somewhat scary and uncomfortable. Great hub.