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What careers involve beauty and medicine?

Updated on October 3, 2015

Career in Medicine

Athletic trainer

An athletic trainer is someone who is a certified health care professional in the art of sports science; they work closely with sport scientists, health care professionals and physicians to improve the condition and performance of their clients. First of all to become an athletic trainer one must have a degree from a credited professional education program, after that the candidate is required to give the board of certification examination. Areas of expertise that are offered for athletic trainers are risk management, optimal performances, pain management and prompt recovery from injuries, in some places of the world you can only be an athletic trainer if you have been given a license to practice in that jurisdiction.


Chiropractors in this day and age are predominantly popular in Europe and Northern America; chiropractors treat their patients either manually or with manipulative therapy for the treatment of vertebrate subluxations, in lay mans terms that means that most of their patients suffer from lower back pain. One of the many controversies of modern science is on this subject, many scientists say that it is a branch of science which has not necessarily been proven with the treatment of lower back and vertebrate pain and this has caused many people labeling the practice as pseudo science. Mainstream chiropractors have also suffered because a vast majority of them do not believe in immunization, prompting many people who are pro vaccination to turn a blind eye towards this practice.


Basically a dietitian is a person who is an expert in food and nutrition and accordingly advises his or her patients on what to eat and what not to eat in order for them to have a good and balanced diet. Dietitians can work in the fields of healthcare, the food industry and educational arenas. Dietitians participate in studies of different food, extracting the nutrional value of each meal and imparting it to their patients and specific groups. The job of a dietitian is also an educational one; with the amount of research that is done the people at the end of the day are the ones who cash in on this. They can either work in hospitals, nursing homes or can even have a private practice.

Career in Beauty

Makeup artist

A make up artist is someone who practices the art of applying make up to a medium whether it is on human beings in general or applying make up and theatrics for movies or theatre. Make up artists are among the very few people that get recognition for their work on a international level, golden globes, academy awards and even Emmys are given to the best make up ensemble in a movie. Many of the make up artists are either hired by companies who have a fixed payroll, although on there are a decent number of make up artists who are freelance and practice many different forms of make up on a comparatively larger array of subjects.


Manicurists deal with hands in the beauty therapy. Depending on what a client wants, manicurists can color nail, they can wash them and file them. They are also used to massage the hands with creams and remove dead skin from nails and give them a nice polished and neat look. Manicurists generally expand their work on the feet too, for that job they are called pedicurists. Different beauty parlors and salons hire manicurists for their clients, and pay them by the hour. But if they have wide variety of other specialties, they work on a full time pay. Manicurists should be trained regarding the pressure points of hands and should learn different techniques to massage them and relax the client. They usually earn $10-$11 per hour. Manicurists begin their work by cleaning out the hands of the clients, sometimes removing previously applied nail polish, and then they use different creams to massage, then they remove dead skin from the nails, clean them out and finally apply the nail color the client requests.

Barbers (hair dressers)

A barber is someone who probably is extremely synonymous to millions of people around the globe, the main job of a barber is to cut, groom and style the hair of males, their place of work is called the barber shop. In the past however barbers were employed mainly for surgery and dentistry but through the years they have become responsible for the grooming of the hair albeit facial hair of a gentlemen. Barber schools are set up in many different places in the world and in many of those places a proper license has to be earned in order to practice barberry, the fees can go to a maximum of $10,000.


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