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What do Restaurant Owners Need? Hungry Web Visitors

Updated on September 13, 2012

Restaurant and cafe owners don't need websites, do they.. they are simply in the service of local customers. Of course this is nonsense. If you have a new cafe or restaurant, what's worse than having bad food? Having no customers.

An empty restaurant might arise because locals are not aware of it, or else they are and cannot find any information about the style of cuisine or its pricing.

Websites are great for giving customers a small taste of your menu, for highlighting special offers (great if you get their SMS or email), and for impressing people with the food images.

On a practical note, it can also help people FIND your location, since it will have a Google Map with your eatery marked. These days people utilise their mobiles to find a good place to eat - so ensure you have your Google Places listing updated as well.

If a stylish restaurant website design is what you are after, we have a great range of themes for your choice. Then it is customised; the website look and feel is based around what your branding and colours are, and also around your stated atmosphere. How about these ideas for matching design to restaurant theme:

Classic, exclusive and elegant: a few swirls, beige and dark red colours, serif typeface.
Simple, tasty, modern cuisine: matched by modern typeface, bold background palette, and dynamic changing images.

Personalise your website with some cafe owner/chef quotes, or simply add your culinary background and history on the About page. People do want to know about the people in the kitchen and who run the bistro or restaurant.

You can also add some blog posts about the food, local festivals, and also pictures of staff.

No matter how far you feel you have to go, a new CMS website for a restaurant is a step in the right direction (CMS = Content Management System). Get some training with the restaurant website and you will also be able to cook up some great content, whilst admiring your numbers of website visitors.


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