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What do security guards do?

Updated on February 7, 2013
Goddard Security Guard
Goddard Security Guard | Source

A security guard sole job is to prevent crimes against property and people. Also known as a security officer, he or she aims at preventing vandalism, robberies, assault and many other crimes. He or she does this by patrolling and guarding an allocated area or property. Security guards wear uniforms and some of them are armed depending on the type of job. Usually they spend most of their working time on feet and in rare circumstances sit down such as when taking details of a security situation. They communicate with other guards using radios, phones or whistles. Security guards do not make arrests but they may act as law enforcement officers working with the state police. He or she also verifies the identities of visitors and employees, check the packages or bags and receive deliveries. A security guard may respond to minor emergencies like lockouts or lost persons and also main emergencies like finding the way for the emergency responders like the fire fighters and taking reports of the incident. A security guard may be found in places such as hospitals, malls, banks, factories airports, residential buildings and many more places with security concerns.

What is it like to work as a security guard?

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Inspector at Airport terminal, Manila, Philippines.Big security guardA 401st AFSB security guards
Inspector at Airport terminal, Manila, Philippines.
Inspector at Airport terminal, Manila, Philippines. | Source
Big security guard
Big security guard | Source
A 401st AFSB security guards
A 401st AFSB security guards | Source

Department stores

A security guard offers protection against robberies and thefts. He or she can apprehend a suspect until the police arrives and takes him away. He or she also protects customers, cash and store records.


A uniformed security guard makes regular patrols to its common areas to discourage thefts and customer protection. Also patrol the parking areas to deter car theft, assaults and robberies. He or she observes unsupervised children and teenagers

Office buildings

A security guard's job is to verify the identity of workers and visitors accessing the offices. He or she may also direct visitors to the desired offices where the visitor may be assisted. A security guard is charged with the duty of opening and closing the entrances to the offices. He or she may undertake minor tasks as receiving visitors or be a point of collection of the mails.



A security guard ensures the protection of patients, doctors and valuable medical apparatus. Securing the confidential medical records is also his responsibility. Some other minor duties are assisting the doctors in moving the patient from a place to another or directing a patient to the various hospital departments.


A security guard inspects packages of persons going into the building, preventing prohibited behaviors like unauthorized photography and guarding the exhibits.

Transportation centers

A security guard is supposed to keep a watchful for any terrorist threats and to screen the passengers' luggage for illegal goods. He or she may also have a sniffer dog to help in curbing illegal drugs.

Educational institutions

A security guard has to have the knowledge of crowd control since they deal with very large crowds and supervise parking of the staff cars, students and visitors. He or she prevents vandalism, assault and many illegal activities that occur in the educational facilities. He or she also inspects an entering and leaving car.

What is your favorite security guard work place?

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I'd love to hear your take on what security guards do. What is your experience with them and the industry, Please feel free to share in the comments below.


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