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What do the demonstrators want on Wall Street?

Updated on November 1, 2011

What is wrong?

I didn't really intend for this to be my next hub. I had some neat ideas concerning Art and creation, but I feel I really have something to say, here. I am, at the time this is being written, sixty one years old, and making money by doing piecework. I am not counted as one of the unemployed because I didn't qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits this time. In short, I fell through the cracks.

I am not a hopeless case if someone would overlook my age. I can type 50 words per minute. I have been actively searching for a job, and would willingly take one if offered to me. I have a higher than average intelligence, and a lifetime of artistic ability. My Mother had a Master's Degree in Art, and taught me far more than any average child would know on the subject. I would be more than willing to send someone my resume. My resume has been available for years on I also have a portfolio of my artwork available for viewing on You can find the resume and portfolio there under my name, Donald Pelton.

From what I have noticed, there seems to be a disconnect between those looking for a job, and those who could employ them. Almost ten percent of the workforce has been idle, and for too long. We are here, we were not going to sit by doing nothing forever. Many of us have given up on getting a traditional job, since they tell us to sit in front of a borrowed computer and repeatedly submit our resume while someone at a company busily deletes them by the thousands. I began to wonder: Was anyone reading these millions of electronically submitted resumes? This is a pre-revolutionary situation, and ones going to the guillotine won't be the unemployed!

Get a Job, You Lazy Bum!

Yeah, I know. I have heard people say that as if the jobs were hanging from the trees like beanpods. The thing is, if you ask them who is hiring, they can't seem to come up with an answer. Or, they tell you to go where you have been going and do the same things you have been doing for two years. Herman Cain, who manages a chain of pizza parlours, and involved himself in the campaign to be President said just about that. If you're out of work, go get a job. That's nice, but who's hiring? A lot of the jobs that high school kids worked during their spare time twenty years ago are being done by men with BA degrees, because they can't find work for which they were trained.

A couple of nights ago I heard that Rush Limbaugh referred to the Wall street protestors as "Human debris". Protest, however, is not something that the neoconservatives can reserve only for themselves. Protest is one of those rights guaranteed in the Constitution. The game is out of balance in this country, and the Tea Party movement hasn't got all the cards. The neocons have become fixated on the budget, but the budget can't directly cause civil unrest.

I heard that recently, some CEOs of major companies have been asking Congress for tax breaks if they send entire factories to a foreign land. I don't agree with everything that Donald Trump says, but I do agree with this: That is the last thing that CEOs should be doing in the present economy. They shouldn't get a tax break, they should be fined!

My brother created a sign I wanted to share with the public. Here it is.

What, in short do they want?

I think by now that that should be obvious. We have been watching CEOs sending entire factories overseas, while ten percent of us can't find work here. We have been watching some economic advisors demand multimillion dollar bonuses after losing their companies billions. This situation stinks, and should not be continued. END ECONOMIC INJUSTICE!


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    • ThePelton profile image

      ThePelton 6 years ago from Martinsburg, WV USA

      Rush Limbaugh must have realized that his article was being used as a bad example, and pulled it. Figures.

    • Karen Ellis profile image

      Karen Ellis 6 years ago from Central Oregon

      Your feelings are repeated by many. But, it's not just about getting a job. It's about taxes and fees that are unfair in comparison to the 1%, or even the top 20%. And where are all those taxes going anyway - Oh yeah, we are bailing out the top of the food chain. It's about the unfairness of our lives. Even if you have a job, you toil each day for enough money to just pay all the bills, just so someone else can live their dream. I think that is called slavery. I'm sure I haven't hit all the points, but these are a start. Oh yeah, and it's not just here, it is all around the world. The solution is not to wait and see if things will get back to the way they were. The solution has to be something entirely different. Start with NESARA, here is info about it,!/petition/a...

      Thanks for letting me speak from my soapbox.

    • TeriSilver profile image

      Teri Silver 6 years ago from The Buckeye State

      I hear you. I'm with you. Good luck to both of us!