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What do you need to know about Canadian Immigration

Updated on June 21, 2013

If you want to immigrate to Canada there are several things that you need to consider. There are different ways to apply if you want a permanent resident status in this amazing country. Knowledge about the various Canadian immigration programs can help you complete the various processes easily. You can choose to avail the help of Canadian immigration consultants if you are unsure of the various processes that are involved.

What are the top 3 things you need to know about immigrating to Canada?

1. Eligibility - It is advisable to find out which program you are eligible for and you may be asked questions to determine this. The questions may be pertaining to your nationality, age, family, education. language, work experience, income and details of any job offer.

Based on the answers that are provided, you may be able to see the various immigration options that are available to you. The application and eligibility requirements for each of the options that are available are different. Depending on your eligibility you may be able to apply for the program online.

You may find a list of steps that need to be followed for completing the process. Read the application form carefully and check to see whether you have selected the form correctly. Find out details about the fees and the various documents that you need to submit along with the application form.

You may be inadmissible to Canada and may be denied a visa based on health grounds. financial reasons, criminal cases, human rights violations and misrepresentation.

2. Apply - You may apply for the Canadian immigration programs under different categories. These categories are broadly classified as skilled workers and professionals. skilled trades, Quebec selected skilled workers, Canadian experience class, entrepreneurs, investors and self employed individuals. provincial nominees, sponsoring your family, live in caregivers and refugees.

The requirements and the steps that need to be followed for each category is different and it is advisable to gain awareness about them so that you can complete the process without any hassle. The forms that are needed to apply are available freely on the website.

3. Prepare for life in Canada - Before you arrive in Canada, it is best if you could prepare for life in this country. Get to know what are the documents that you need to bring when you immigrate. Choose a city that you want to live in and prepare yourself financially. You may have to learn English and French for the purpose of communicating in this country.

Protect yourself from fraud by gaining knowledge about the various processes. Document misrepresentation and Internet scams are the most common frauds that you need to be aware of.

You can take the help of Canadian immigration consultants to give you immigration advice and help you complete the various processes with ease. The various forms and documents that you need to submit can be confusing and the consultants may be able to guide you for a small nominal fee. Choose immigration consultants carefully so that they are able to provide proper representation to you and you are able to immigrate to Canada easily.


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