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What do you need to know about the Law of Deliberate Creation

Updated on February 24, 2013

What is the missing puzzle of your life that can help you get the promotion and salary increase that you desire? How can you achieve more from your work, life and relationships? What can guarantee you success?

The secret to getting ready for a major shift in your life is the law of deliberate creation. You can use this law to harness the power of your mind so that you are able to enhance your performance and achieve success in all spheres of your life.

You can build your dream future by making the right decisions at the right time. Your decisions can turn out to be right and can bring you good results only when you turn away from negative thoughts. Eliminate your thinking of all mental blocks so that you are able to realize your true potential.

All success and failures that you achieve in your life is due to your thought process. Although most people are aware of this, they do little to change this and keep blaming others for their failures. Individuals lack the understanding that it is we who can create what we want in our life.

Most of us deny any responsibility when things go wrong with our life. We do not understand the power that we hold and ignore its immense potential to change every aspect of our life. When you keep thinking negatively, you become hostage to your thoughts and all your dreams and desires remain unfulfilled.

Instead of choosing what you do not want in your life, you should start focusing on what you want in your life. Bring your imagination into play and think of the promotion and salary increase that you want deliberately. You can make your dreams become a reality by choosing our thoughts and experiences.

It is easy to attract the right things in your life when you start thinking in a positive way. You should make your thoughts work for you instead of working against you. Only when you start thinking of yourself as capable and valuable that others may start looking at you in the same way.

God has created each one of us with unique skills and capabilities and it is our responsibility to identify and use these capabilities to derive the maximum advantage. You should believe that everything is possible if you take proper actions.

Start visualizing your success and think that you are getting the promotion and salary increase that you had desired for long. It is advisable to believe and act as if you have been promoted and given the salary hike. When you start believing in what you desire you may be able to channelize your thoughts towards achieving your dreams.

You may be able to attract what you want by choosing the emotions and thoughts that you want in your life. Think of thoughts that make you feel better. After you have identified your goals keep thinking how you have successfully accomplished them. Your positive thoughts can propel you into action and your action can help you achieve the desired results.


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