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What does it mean if a business is Felony Friendly?

Updated on March 3, 2014

Tips on Finding jobs for ex-offenders with Felony Friendly Employers?

It interesting how no matter how much time goes by or how old you get or what life experiences you have there is always room to learn new things.

I was at the library the other day and was listening to these two men talk about how they were having a hard time finding flexible work.

They complained about how no one wanted to give them a chance since they had been in prison. So the discussed with each other about being on parole and the like and then one of the guys said he was applying for a job with a business or agency that was "Felon Friendly".

I was baffled and was about to ask them what it meant, but I had to remember I was in a library and second I was ease dropping on someones conversation.

It got me thinking about the word and how did it apply to a business that was not "Felon Friendly" I have heard of a software application being "user friendly" which I guess would mean that anyone no matter how clumsy could use it.

Ex-offenders and Felon Job opportunities

A Prior Felony Record can hurt future employment
A Prior Felony Record can hurt future employment

What to do with Felony Friendly Employers

So with this prior knowledge I would guess that if a business is "Felon Friendly" they would hire you and they would not hold your past criminal record against you.

They would not say they can't hire you or that you could not work for them. I would guess its an attempt at a second chance for the felon to prove themselves by what they did from this day forward and not on what they have done in the past.

So this is my suggestion, why not list companies in the phone book or in the newspaper or on hiring signs.

I have heard of play grounds being called "Child Friendly" which I guess would mean they are safe for kids no matter how destructive they are.

I have heard of a place being "pet friendly" which I guess means that you can bring your pets with out the owners kicking you out.

So apparently a company that is felon friendly is one that will over look past criminal history and hire the individual to work. Which I feel is a great idea.

Felon Friendly Employers Hiring Inquire within!

Can you get a list of Felony Friendly employers?

The answer is that it will be hard to find and will take time and research, unless you are able to get one from a counselor or career coach.

I found a listing for Felony Friendly Jobs on Juju Job that says they ave SearchFelony Friendly jobs from thousands of job boards and employer web sites in one place.

Juju makes your Felony Friendly job search faster

Need Felony Friendly Employers, needing felony friendly employer list.

A forum called Prison Talk has posts of people needing felony friendly employer list from across the country.

Entrepreneurial Ex-Offenders Training & Support Services has information regarding a Program for help with finding Felony Friendly Employers.

Experts say that Felony Friendly Employers are one of the most important task after the ex-offenders are released back into the community

I think this is a great idea, but I think it is more of a word of mouth type of thing. If your on the inside track, the list of felon friendly companies would be something someone you know can tell you about.Finding employment after prison is possible.

13 of ex-offender or Felon Friendly Agencies List:

These are employment services that will work with you.

(These are located in California, but I am sure you can find ones in your area)


Aver Business Management Inc.

Labor Finders

Winners Circle Personnel, Ontario, CA 91761

Winners Circle Personnel, West Covina, CA 91792

Arrow Staffing


Trans Force

Aliance Staffing Resources

Volt Services Group

Rally Staffing

Cameo Employment Services


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