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What does it take to earn $1000 a month from Hubpages?

Updated on February 12, 2013

You can get there with Hubpages

If I was asked this question, I would say it really depends on how much your articles are worth. The value of your articles depends on factors such as your writing style, the length or word count, how you outline it, your niche, as well as how much traffic your articles generally bring.

Just as our faces are different, so also are Hub writers different. What it takes for Hubber X to make $1000 may be different from what it takes Hubber Y to reach that figure. Every writer's ability would have to be measured based on the value of his work.

How much are your articles worth?

So, it really depends on how valuable your articles are. As a writer on Hubpages, you probably already have a fixed style or writing and already have a range of topics you are knowledgeable in so your articles would probably already have an average worth.

People who have English as their first language normally do well in writing high paying English articles on Hubpages than people who don't. It also depends on the niche or knowledge you have for e.g A professional Engineer or Technologist would be able to make more money writing Engineering/Technology related articles than someone who is not that educated.

How to calculate your article worth

Mathematically, we can know how much our articles are worth using this simple formula:

Article worth per month = Total number of Hubs/Income per month

So if you already have like 50 articles on Hubpages and earning $50 a month, then your hubs would be worth $1 per month.and if your earning from Hubpages is just $1 from 10 articles already published. then it means that each article is on the average worth about $0.01 and you probably have to work harder.

If you then want to make $1000 every month from Hubpages, it would only be logical to increase the number of your Hubs to 1000. If your articles are worth $5, then you should increase your Hub count to at least 200 in order to be making at least $1000 per month.

1000 articles for $1000?

It can be a herculean task writing up to 1000 hubs just to earn a $1000 monthly income from Hubpages and believe me cause I've tried the 30 day 30 hubs challenge and getting close to 100 hubs was not that easy talk less of 1000 hubs. However, when you consider the fact that this would be income that you'd keep earning over and over again even after you've stopped writing, then it is really worth it. If one can really earn $1000 every month passively, even after publishing 1000 good hubs, then it's a worthy sacrifice. I've written over 1000 articles on different websites and still finding it hard reaching that $1000 income. I wish I had dedicated all that energy in Hubpages from the start and it would have been more rewarding.

Exception to the 1000 hubs for $1000 rule

The $1000 income from 1000 hubs doesn't work for every writer but only for those who earn at least $1 from their articles. If you are the kind of writer with a good hubber score, chances are that you don't even need to reach the 1000 mark to earn $1000 passively. There are a couple of success stories a Hubpages of writers who just have barely 200 hubs and earning over $1000 monthly from Hubpages. I'm guessing their hubs are on the average worth about $5.

They must be special writers then who have a classy way of writing and bringing traffic to their hubs. If you really want to earn $1000 without having to write 1000 hubs, then you probably have to start improving your writing style and content. One way you can write good hubs is by writing longer hubs with more word count and segmenting your articles too, adding pictures if possible. Don't expect to earn improve your article worth by writing Hubs below 300 word count. Start focusing on 700 to 1000 words per hub and you'll get there sooner.

Tips to earn more income with fewer Hubs

So, even if you've decided to improve your income from Hubpages by writing more Hubs, here are some tips to increase your income per article without having to get exhausted before reaching there:

  • Write good quality and lengthy Hubs - 5000 to 1000 words
  • Focus on high paying topics
  • Write for organic traffic.Be user friendly too
  • Include a lot of keywords in your articles
  • Respond to comments in your Hubs
  • Monitor your highly trafficked Keywords and write more related Hubs


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    • cherryseeds profile image

      KABILIGI Clement 4 years ago from Kigali-Rwanda

      a nice article to read, thank you felix, buy sometimes the rush to make money can push some people to write even about things they are not knowledgeable about and bore their followers who may even unfollow them