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What is Clickbank?

Updated on February 8, 2012

Clickbank is on e of the internet’s top promotion websites for people who want to promote digital products to sell online. Click bank has thousands of products to offer that cover an enormous amount of niches. So, a good place to start off for promoting affiliate products is right through Clickbank.

How to Use Clickbank

Clickbank can be a little overwhelming at first with all the intricate products that they have. So, I’m going to try and narrow down the basics which are fairly easy to get. The first thing to decide is if you want to be a vendor (meaning you have a product to sell) or an affiliate (you want to promote the products). Choose a user name and password. I would recommend going through the beginning tutorial it will show you what to look for, what the terminology is, How to choose a product and how to get paid.

If, you have a website already dedicated to a specific interest the first thing to do would be to focus your attention on the ones that you have information on. The best customers are ones you have already established some trust with so start there. Eventually you can branch out on highly specific products, but it is a terrific way to get started.


There are 5 substantial benefits to this marketplace:

1. You do not have to look at individual websites for affiliates to advertise for there is one large marketplace with thousands of products and niches to cover.

2. Products are available all over the marketplace

3. Clickbank offers an extensive training on product affiliates. From promoting to traffic

4.Sell multiple products - from multiple websites - with just ONE ClickBank account.

5. Great way to explore what type of business that you want to setup.

The benefits from Clickbank are numerous and can be added to this list, but these are the top 5 most prominent ones. But, I’m not here to promote Clickbank I’m here to give you information about it, so you can make your own informed decision. So what are some of the negatives about click bank?


Here, is what I perceive to be the biggest negatives on the site:

1. You have to have the right frame of mind because selling products can be difficult. So, having some research in how you are going to promote can be immensely helpful

2. As with anything, you sell if you are not comfortable selling the product then don’t. Read other reviews on the product in question can help you understand more about it.

3. Some say Clickbank docks your pay if you do not generate sales. I have found this to be untrue. But, they will cancel your account if your sales are not active.

4. Not able to fully test drive products before you promote them.

5. Have to have a minimum of 5 sales from 5 different credit cards to receive your first payout.

Some of the top 5 drawbacks here can be a drawback when promoting certain products. But, do your research, talk with people who have bought the product before and see what their reactions are. If, you can afford it buy the product yourself. Nothing sells better than a product you have tested yourself with an honest review.

I use click bank now to promote certain products, and they are doing ok. I’m not going to get rich off of clickbank, but it is a terrific way to test the waters of certain business ideas and for promotion of products that you feel your clients may benefit from.


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