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Using Commentluv Enabled Plugin in Blogs for SEO

Updated on September 8, 2012

How to Use Commentluv Enabled Premium for SEO?

As a Blogger, everybody knows that Search Engine Optimization is the holy grail of internet marketing. As most of us Bloggers know, getting back links to your site can be somewhat of a daunting task at times. In fact, the hardest part of SEO is getting back links to your website or blog. In order for any webmaster to get page rank increases from the Search Engines, they must meet the criteria of the various ranking formulas.

Most Search engines including Google use Algorithms to determine the sites overall rank structure. Rank is mainly based on keyword density, incoming links, comments, Social Media popularity and RSS feed subscriptions. Most Search Engines don't always recognize all incoming backlinks to your site, they typically only recognize backlinks from good content websites that are relevant to your niche.

Understanding how a Search Engine operates is winning half the battle. Gaining backlinks that are relevant to your website will help to increase your website rank. How do most bloggers gain Backlinks that count? A good strategy for any SEO expert is getting a contextual link from a high ranking website. A contextual link is a link within an article of another website that is of course relevant to your Niche. These links really help your website rank well, if the page the article is on has already a decent page rank. Working to get contextual links is not an easy task. It can be very time consuming getting in touch with web owners and asking them to place a link on their website for really your benefit.

There are other ways to gain link popularity as well. One method of gaining link popularity is to comment on blog posts leaving a back link back to your website. This method works great especially for new Blog owners looking to gain popularity on there website. Gaining backlinks is not easy task without a tool that helps link your content. What tools are available to help with backlinks? Comment Luv is a free word press plugin that is used to help web owners gain backlinks as they comment on other blog posts. How does it work?

How Does Commentluv Work

Commentluv is a software based plugin that other web owners use to help gain backlinks while leaving comment posts on other blogs. The more blogs that use Commentluv, the more backlinks that are available for your blog. All you need for Comment Luv to work is a wordpress Blog and an RSS feed. Once you are setup with Wordpress and the RSS feed you can begin to install the plugin. After you install the plugin, do a search for Comment Luv Dofollow blogs. You will see thousands of website blogs come up in the search. Find one blog within your niche and read an interesting article that you like. Post a comment on there blog and you will see a link from your last RSS feed installed at the bottom of the blog. That's a free link back to your blog page and indeed this will help your page gain link popularity. In fact, it is so easy and the cost is free. Why pay for someone to do your SEO for you when you can do it for yourself.

What is Commentluv Premium

Commentluv premium is by far one of the best plugins I have seen on Wordpress. Comment Luv premium is identical to Comment Luv, but with many more features. Commentluv Premium allows up to 10 RSS backlinks per comment post. It also has a box for you to be able to enter your Twitter information as well as a Google plus button. I have been testing this Plugin for quite sometime and feel that the improvements that were made have really helped the developer Andy Bailey to make this great plugin. The Commentluv Premium Plugin does cost money, but is very cheap for what you get. The Commentluv Premium package is expected to launch on 11/7/11 and it will be a huge hit web blog owners. Commentluv is an all natural, White hat SEO plugin that is pretty much guaranteed to increase your pagerank.

Learn More about Comment Luv

Comment Luv Introduction Video

Recommended Book for Wordpress to use with CommentLuv


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    • profile image

      S.Garland 5 years ago

      I have had a lot of success with Commentluv on soem of my blogs. I would highly recommend using it. You will get lots of posts and responses, I would suggest enabling moderation since some of them will be there only to get a link.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I Love, dvd "commentluv"


    • profile image

      sumon 5 years ago

      I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice weekend! I am satisfied to locate numerous useful information here in the post. Overall i like it

    • profile image

      railway prints 5 years ago

      I LOVE commentluv, such a good little plugin and has drawn me some genuine commenters as they're getting rewarded!

    • profile image

      Patio Furniture 5 years ago

      Good work! Your post is an excellent example of why I keep coming back to read your excellent quality content that is forever updated. Thank you!

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    • profile image

      free online advertising 5 years ago

      Comment Luv is great word press plugin .really Commentluv premium is by far one of the best plugins I have seen on Wordpress.

    • profile image

      tmdilsan 5 years ago

      Hi .. i see you have a great post ! i hope you could make another one like this .. keep posting then

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      myotrainings 5 years ago

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