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What is Directory Submission?

Updated on March 26, 2013

What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission is the process of submitting your website’s link to web directories. Directory submission is one of the oldest link building strategies. There are many directories on the web that allow website owners to submit their websites and to promote their websites online. There are basically two types of web directories namely paid directories and free directories. In paid directories you will be charged a monthly or annual fee to list your website and in free directories your website or your business link will be listed free of cost. Some directories offer both options to the customers and website owners or business owners are free to choose their preferred mode of listing depending on their needs.

When you are submitting your website to the web directories, you should first create a heading for your submission. Each web directory will have its submission guidelines and it is important to follow those guidelines only then the directories will approve your listing. This applies not only to the headings but also to all the other aspects of your submission. Secondly, you should create suitable description for the submission to explain to the directory visitors about your website and about your business. Here again, you should follow the word count limitations stipulated by the web directory.

Most importantly, you should be providing your website’s link and the keywords to which you would like to associate your listing. You will come across different types of web directories, some of the directories will list websites from multiple niches and in such cases, you will have to choose the right submission category so that your website will be made visible to the right audience. There are also web directories that specialize in specific niche industries. Always submit your website to directories that are relevant to your niche industry.

Benefits of Directory Submission

Today, almost all websites use directory submission as one of their online marketing strategies. This is one of the simplest and the most straightforward internet marketing strategies. You will enjoy multiple benefits from directory submissions and listed below are some of the most important benefits of directory submission.

Firstly, when you submit your website to web directories you will be able to increase the visibility of your website online. Many people make use of reputed web directories to look for the products and services they need. If your website is listed in reputed directories, you will increase the chances of being seen by the customers when they have an immediate need. This will increase your website’s conversion rate.

Secondly, when you submit your website to the web directory, you will get good quality back links. Links from web directories are considered natural links. Search engines like Google value back links from reputed directories and this will improve your pagerank as well as your visibility in the search results page.

Thirdly, when your search engine ranking improves your website’s traffic rate will increase. Added to that, you will also receive visitors directly from the directories. Your overall ranking will improve greatly.

There are also chances that your directory listing gets featured in the search results, this is yet another way of attracting traffic to your website.

As you can see, there are wide range of benefits in using directory submission as one of your search engine marketing strategies. As directory submission helps in building natural one-way links, you will be able to enjoy long-term benefits for your website. Directory submission can be used as one of the best supporting link building strategies. You can use directory submission along with other link building strategies without any problem.

What is the Importance of Directory Submission for a New Website?

Directory submission is one of the most effective link building strategies and you will be able to acquire a large number of one way links for your website through directory submission. Directory submission proves to be one of the most useful ways of promoting new websites in the top search engines.

Regardless of your niche industry, marketing a new website can prove to be a highly challenging task. Thousands of websites compete in any given industry and for a new website to fight the competition, it is not going to be easy. You will have to make use of all the help that you can get to promote your website online. Directory submission will indeed be one of the best marketing strategies in this scenario because you will be able to make your brand name visible to your audience.

A good percentage of customers today make use of the internet to find the products and services they need. Many such customers today make use of web directories to find their vendors and service providers. When you list your website in the top directories, you will be able to drive good traffic to your brand new website even before the search engines list your website in the search results. For any website, the initial days are the toughest days because attracting traffic in the initial days is not all that easy, it takes time for the search engines to pick up your website and to feature your website in the search results. If you submit your website to a large number of directories then it will start the ball rolling and your website will start receiving traffic from day even before the search engines list your website, provided that you submit your website to the most popular and high traffic directories. Besides that, directory submission will also help your website get good quality back links.


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