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What is health care compliance?

Updated on December 2, 2013

What does compliance mean in the medical Field?

Compliance also known as adherence or concordance defines the effect in which a patient will surmount/comply with medical advice. in most cases it is usually in reference to various medicines or drug fulfillment and proper compliance by the patient.

What does health care compliance mean?

it can also be viewed in terms of counseling and courses in therapeutic aid. World Health Organization states that only 50% of patients with ongoing medical conditions/diseases living in prolific countries go along with the advice and treatment recommendations. Compliance rates may be egotistically and assumed in medical books,readings and information articles as this compliance is at times in higher numbers based on the scenario of a medical/clinical trial but shockingly lowers in a real world actual setting.

In relation and in regards to the topic of realness in accordance to real world settings we come upon the profound accomplishments and workings of Troy Lair known to many as "The Compliance Doctor"., LLC and CEO has been given a highly regarded honorary award for high quality by the HONcode certification surveyor's group for their dedication in remaining loyal and consistent in emphasizing and incorporating the eight strong and important principals of these ethics. Some, if unaware of the definition of HONcode code trustworthiness of the health web-board it is said to be established and created for the benefit of improving and enhancing the quality and information to the most updated findings in the medical field.

HONcode is established for two key audiences that of the vast, general population/and/or public and secondly for website publisher. Mr. Lair quotes "Every challenging opportunity we can engage in that stives for continuity in the quality of care and quality of information provided by the health-care industry, I consider it not only a must but, part of a legacy to leave behind for the youth of our tomorrow".


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