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What is Human Resource Planning

Updated on November 10, 2013

Human Resource Planning.

Human Resource Planning concerned with the determination of the size and composition of personnel needed by the organization over a specific future period. It includes the formulation of relevant policies, programs and strategies for meeting such requirements in an efficient manner. This is the first step of staffing function.

The basic objective of the human resource planning is to determine the quality, quantity of personnel needed and determine the cost or prepare budget for the continuous and smooth function of the organization. In an organization there are requirements of different kinds of personnel like skilled, unskilled, technical, non-technical, administrative, clerical and professionals at various levels of the organization. Qualification and experience of each employee must be pre-determined. Selection of right work force will provide maximum utility and satisfaction to the organization. It also help from surplus and shortage of staff.

Objectives of Human Resource Planning:

1. To avoid problems arising from surplus or deficits of manpower
2. To help in obtaining and retaining the quality and quantity of manpower
3. To ensure best use of manpower resources.
4. To ensure qualified people are in the team for performing different tasks.

There are different steps involved in the Human Resource Planning. First of all prepare a chart of present employees with data like skill, age, experience, qualification, position, cost etc. (for an existing organization) If it is a new organization determine the amount of work and positions to be created and qualification of the intended employees and cost as per market. This will help to forecast the future need of human resource and can plan accordingly. Future plans of expansion of the organization, technology changes and reforms must also taken into consideration while planing for the human resource.

Possible promotion, transfer, retirement and termination of employees must also be taken into consideration while doing the human resource planning. Current employment market and other opportunities/external factors also taken into consideration while.

Steps in Human Resource Planning

1. Determination of organizational requirements.
2. Determination of skills and expertise required to achieve the organizational and departmental objectives
3. Determination of the additional human resource requirements in the near future.
4. Developing action plans to meet the future human resource needs.

By doing a job analysis, you may determine the qualification, expertise, skills and experience required for the different categories of jobs.

Job analysis include:

1. Identification of each job in terms of duties and responsibilities
2. Determination of the nature of work and work conditions
3. Determination of the requirements as to abilities and skills that are prescribed for the person holding it.
4. Determination of remuneration / package

Job description: refers to a narration of the duties and activities to be performed in a job, the relationship of the job with other jobs, the equipment and tools involved, the nature of supervision, working conditions and hazards of the job and other related aspects of the job. All Major categories of jobs have to be described clearly and correctly in order to determine the qualifications and skills required.

Job Specification: is a document containing the minimum level of qualifications, skills, physical and other abilities, experience, judgment and attributes required for performing a job well. It sets forth the qualities required for performing the job.

To find the right person for the job, job description and job specification helps the Human Resource department to find out the right candidates for the job. It also helps in determining the appropriate remuneration, training and orientation of employees.


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    • profile image

      aden gul 

      6 years ago

      pora to likha kro

    • profile image

      Gokhale Pramod 

      6 years ago

      Iam retired blue collar worker, undergone many hardships and companies in India exploits labour and engineers also.Recently due to global competition Indian companies woke up and are looking into labour welfare IT compnaies offer lucrative jobs so it is nice that situation is changing and better for non-IT companies

      Your expertise will guide us and for better life and jobs thank you


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