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What is Incentive Affiliate Marketing?

Updated on May 3, 2015


Why use incentive based affiliate marketing?

Incentive affiliate marketing can be a very powerful tool to help you add more money to your bank account. How? Well, the regular old affiliate marketing method of displaying your link and getting credit for sale is usually avoided by others. What I mean is that most people don't want to buy/complete offers. Naturally your conversion rate will be modified by this disposition that people have towards affiliate marketing in the first place.

The solution

You can alleviate this problem by offering people something for completing your offers. For instance, if you were giving away 20 dollars gift cards for completing an offer. The average person will be highly inclined to do the offer so that they can get a gift card from you. This is basically how incentive-based affiliate marketing operates.

What are Incentives?

You may be wondering what types of things make good incentives to give away. This is a very good question as it has a diverse answer.

You can give away pretty much anything as an incentive for completing an offer or survey. This can really be a beneficial aspect as you can create your own niche and service it. For instance, you can create a website where users get free jewelry for completing offers and earning points.

Be creative and you will definitely find many different ways that have that creative edge that you need!

Popular Incentive Based Businesses

In the past I recall there being one main business that instantly comes to mind when I think of incentive-based affiliate marketing.

There was a network by the name of Gratis that gave away free products such as iPods, digital cameras, computer monitors, and many other tech products for free. The way they did this was by allowing users to complete surveys, sign up for products and do free trials. They receive money for these things being completed while the person that did the offer earned points.

After a person earns enough points for whatever product that they wanted for free they could go through a redemption process to get it.

Are you familiar with incentive marketing?

Are you familiar with incentive marketing?

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Incentive Affiliate Marketing Companies

This is a great list of companies that you can use for your incentive based affiliate marketing.

CPALead - Signup Now!

CPALead has been around for quite some time and initially was popular for their content locking abilities. They also have a huge selection of offers / surveys for your users to complete.

Peerfly - Signup Now!

Peerfly is a Florida based company that has won numerous awards for their affiliate marketing toolset. They feature many different offers such as surveys, trials, freebies as well as affiliate marketing.

CPALead's Affiliate Party!

Yeh, There are Parties!

There are many different types of parties and social gatherings such as conferences that you can attend as an affiliate. The better you do as an affiliate the more rewards and perks you will be able to earn.

There are some affiliates out there that get to drive around in a rented Lamborghini without even having to pay for it! The numbers truly do speak for themselves when you are earning them!

Usual Offer Rates

User Cut
You Keep
Dating Offer ($3)
Free Trial ($5)
Free Download ($1.50)

About the Chart Above

In the chart above users are given 10 percent of whatever the offer is worth. You can always change this to be whatever percentage rate you wanted to be for your incentive-based affiliate marketing website. There are tools that make this process easy for one to administrate such as WP Incent wordpress theme. These types of tools will allow you to set your ratio for how many points or credits your users earn per survey/offer.

As you may already have guessed, this is an excellent way to make more money via affiliate websites and campaigns. Plus, as a cherry on top, your users also get hooked up in the process with a freebie of their choosing, once they earn enough points

Discover More Earnings

Getting Started

If you are the considering getting started within the incentive-based affiliate marketing field I can help.

I have made money by providing my users with an incentive while they complete my affiliate marketing offers. With this knowledge I will tell you exactly how I got started from start to finish.

Step 1 - Create a Website

You'll want to create a website for your users to use to complete your offers on. Without this website your users would not be able to complete your offers and perform any special instruction pertaining to the offer itself. To help you get started really quickly you will definitely want to check out some of the following resources:

WordPress Incentive Theme - this theme will allow you to provide your users with a database of offers that they can complete. When they complete an offer you will get credit in the form of money on an affiliate marketing platform such as CPALead or Peerfly. This makes it incredibly easy to both redeem your users for their incentive as well as keep up with tracking who does what offer.

Step 2 - Obtain Affiliate Offers

You'll need some offers for your users to be able to complete an order to start your website properly. For platforms such as CPALead all you need to do is place a widget on your website unless you are using something like WP Incent. Otherwise, if you are using an affiliate platform such as Peerfly you'll need to manually add offers to your website database.

Step 3 - Launch!

If everything is set up and ready to go then is time for you to launch your website and start making money! This is the time to make sure that everything works properly, so you may want to perform a few tests to make sure that your account will be credited if a user completes an offer. If everything is good to go then you should begin promoting your website to the masses so that you have users to complete offers and give incentives to.


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