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What is Leadership and how to be a successful leader?

Updated on March 14, 2012

What is leadrship? Leadership is simply influence. This is the ability to make others listen to you and follow you in every situation. Some people are born with this ability other acquired it in the course of their lives. Every leader must possess certain skills and qualities in order to be successfull. Becoming a good leader is a proces and if you are looking for fast results you are not going to make it to the top. What matters most are your daily actions, you should invest time and effort in your leadership development. If you don't belive me ask yourself "Do athletes become champions over a night?". The answer is simple, they train every single day to achieve their goal and on a competition they have only few seconds to prove themselves. It is the same with leadership, you practice everyday and wait for the right opportunity. Another great quality every leader must possess is to see things in perspective. This means when you lead a group of people you must know the exact direction ,you must plan every step and you must be ready for the end results. In order to do this you should rely on your past experience and intuition. You should also take in mind group opinions. Another leadership trait is trustworthiness. To gain people's trust the leader must be competent, to be connected to them, and to have strong character. Leadership without trust is impossible.Respect is another prerequisite. People naturally fallow leaders stronger than themselves. People follow individuals whose leadership they respect. Earlier I mentioned intuition..but why is it so important , because every good leader must have the ability to read every situation instinctively and know what play to call. Natural ability and learned skills create the best type of intuition-informed intuition which is very successful and it works in almost every situation. Every good leader is strongly connected to his people. Every good connection needs exelent communication skills. Communication is not only meant to inform ,but it also should raise emotions. You must show people you care about them and you will make them care about you as their leader. To connect with people in a group you should relate to them as individuals. Another important thing for every leader is to find the right people to surround him. Leader's potential is determined by his closest people. If they are not effective enough than the leader is not effective enough too. Leader should empower other individuals in the organization this way everyone gets a leader role and everyone is giving his contribution to the organization.He should also give others their deserved credit. Leaders aways find a way to make things happen. Their main goal is aways victory. But every leader must be ready to make sacrifices the more successful you are the more things you have to give up. I hope you enjoyed . Remember that leadership is not exact science it is art so there is always room for new ideas and improvisation.


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      lyda 3 years ago

      Add Your Comment.good for me..

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      kristina 5 years ago

      A good leader is a good follower. I also would like to share a good site that I have found.

    • m0rd0r profile image

      Stoill Barzakov 6 years ago from Sofia, Bulgaria

      A good leader makes the difference when leading a team of workers.

      A good leader makes the difference when leading troops in battle.

      A good leader makes a difference ...

      (voting up and useful)