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Who Needs Life Coach?

Updated on April 30, 2011

Who Needs A Life Coach?

A few years ago, the term "life coach" was still pretty new to most people, and it was hard for some people to get their head around the idea. In more recent times life coaching has become mainstream, with a lot more people understanding how it works.

Life coaching shouldn't be confused with counselling because the two are very different. Counselling is more about coming to terms with, and coping with events that have impacted on our lives, often with dramatic results that leave us unable to cope. Life coaching is all about moving forward, it can help to resolve issues or overcome problems that may be holding us back.

In today's society there isn't always a network of family and friends available to advise and discuss issues with. People are happy to live alone and enjoy their own space, but this can create a vacuum where there is no one around with whom we can discuss ideas or share a problem.

By working together a life coach and their client can identify obstacles and work out a strategy that will give the client a satisfactory result. Of course since no two clients are the same, it is hard to measure results. However, it is the aim of the coach to ascertain the client's needs and to work with them through any problems to a fulfillment of their goal.

So who is the most likely sort of person to use a life coach? And what are the reasons for doing so? The answer to the first part is, just about anyone, from all walks of life and all age groups. The reasons are many and varied, some people have set goals or targets, they need to achieve, while others just want to work through an issue or problem that is holing them back. They may have just stalled in their life and not know why they haven't moved on.

Basically the term life coach pertains to any issue that affects our life: Business, Sport, Arts, Education, Relationships, Family, Health, Lifestyle, the list is endless, a coach can help in all areas of life. A career or job takes up a large part of our life and many people use life coaching to help them with issues in this area.

Coaching is invaluable because it enables a client to vocalize their situation and helps them to create a clearer picture of what they want to achieve, what goals to set and then attain. A coach also helps a client to look at their situation from a different perspective so enabling the client to come up with more solutions or choice of outcome.

People now more than ever want to make lifestyle changes and if it's a major change, they don't always feel capable of tackling it on their own. By working with a coach, they can put together a plan and work through it. The key factor being that they are moving forward and not stagnating.

Today we are faced with multiple choices in everything, this is not a bad thing, but some people when faced with so many options get confused and end up going round in circles, achieving nothing. Working with a life coach can bring structure and organized thinking into the situation, thus helping the client to get to grips with their issues. A big part of the coaching process is getting the client to vocalize their thoughts, just by speaking about their issues can give them a definite shape and form, making them easier to deal with. Some clients find this very enlightening and are rather amazed at the results.

A life coach is entirely focused on their client's situation. This means that the client has the undivided attention of the coach for the whole session. In an age when it is hard to get someone's attention for more than a few minutes this can be very important, listening to the client is one of the many skills that a coach focuses on. Unlike friends and family a coach is unbiased and sessions are entirely confidential.

Today we live life at a fast pace and we are more competitive than ever, because of this, the demand for life coaches will increase as more people realize that getting coached will help them to get a head. Life coaching is here to stay and those who embrace it will move forward confidently along their chosen path secure in the knowledge that they aren't alone.


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