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What is Pheed and should you use it?

Updated on March 15, 2013

Always be looking for new ways to share your content, promote your product or service, and increase your income

If you are a social media fiend, it is likely you have apps on your phone to help you keep in touch, promote as needed, and, let’s face it – feed the addiction, right?

Facebook and Twitter apps are fairly standard. You can pick up Pinterest in snap. LinkedIn also has an app. But what if you want more?

Pheed is the next big thing in social networking, sharing, and promotion. Pheed allows you to do so much inside one powerful box. It’s the fun and ease of Instagram with much, much more inside the box. You can like, comment, and hashtag shared items to your heart’s content.

But that’s the passive way to use the program.

The real power of Pheed comes in sharing. If you are a content creator this is the app for you and you can even make money in the process. Do you create videos to generate revenue either directly or for promotion of another product or service? Pheed will allow you to charge for access to your content, either via a subscription fee or a broadcast fee, similar to pay-per-view. This is a great way to pull in users for an ongoing connection and income generation. Pheed is not nearly as widespread as the more established, at least not yet, and the android version has yet to be released. But it is undeniably popular. Those who share videos and photographs gravitate toward it more than text users so far, but the market is there and ready to be maximized.

True social media success is heavily dependent on commitment and the breadth of your approach. Being active on only one site is not nearly as effective as broadening your approach and staying on top of the latest advances. Apps like Pheed provide a huge market and you need to advance your strategy as they grow and new ones become available. Always be looking for new ways to share your content, promote your product or service, and increase your income.


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