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What is Production Planning and Control

Updated on October 7, 2012

PPC stands for production planning and control. Production planning and control as a department plays a vital role in manufacturing organizations. It is clear from name that it is something about planning. Planning is defined as setting goals. PPC deals with setting goals for production. Preparation of Production plan is one of core responsibility of PPC.

PPC coordinate with different departments: such as Production, Marketing, Logistics, Warehouse and other departments depending upon nature of organization. PPC receives data related to orders from marketing department. Production plan based on marketing and production data is prepared in PPC. This production plan provides clear idea about utilization of manufacturing resources for production. Prepared production plan is delivered to production department. Production department manufacture products according to that plan.

PPC provides different kind of information to different departments. It provides information about available manufacturing resources to Marketing department. Marketing department receives orders according to that information. Similarly, it coordinates with other departments and provides relevant information.

A production planner or Manger PPC prepares plan for production. Manager PPC receives and disseminates information to different departments. Manager PPC uses his skills and software to prepare production Plan. Other than preparing production plan, Manager PPC supervises his team, coordinates with Production manager regarding production status. Manager PPC also frequently coordinates with Manager Marketing to provide him information about available manufacturing resources.

Employment in PPC depends upon education and experience. Some organization prefers relevant industry engineering degree holder and others prefers MBAs and other education according to their policy. Working in PPC is challenging task. It requires analytical skills and understanding of manufacturing process. One should be quick and well versed in IT applications to perform this job. There are opportunities of growth and learning in PPC.


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