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What is Really Possible With Freelance Writing?

Updated on May 3, 2011

Cut Through the Scams

Sure everyone loves the idea of sitting in their pajamas, sipping lattes and making $100+ an hour, but most of us live in a world where that is just not legally possible.

That doesn't stop dozens of scam artists from attempting to convince you it's possible if you just give them a bit of your money, though. The sad truth is that these types of "businesses" stay afloat because every day, people are falling for the promise. Their smoke and mirrors are fine tuned to an art, and even the most intelligent and wary consumer may be in danger from time to time.

Such is the story for almost every legitimate online career opportunity. While there are plenty of ways to truly build a new life for yourself and your family, there are just as many - or more - false claims out there which can be harmful. Online writing is no different and there are many who throw in the towel each and every day because they've been burned one too many times. Luckily (and this is important to remember) there are others who are paving the way to their dreams of working for themselves more quickly than they dreamed possible.

The trouble is, some people want to be lied to. They want to be told they can make $60+ an hour tomorrow in order to feel comfortable with taking the risk. The truth is that when you first start your online writing venture, you're likely to make more like $10 an hour.

To those with careers or positions which already pay more than that, this seems like a step backward. However, the great thing to note is that within months, not years, you could be making twice that. You decide your own progress. Plus, imagine all the money you might save on work clothes, lunches, and gas! All with no special degree or experience needed.

Online writing money
Online writing money

It IS possible to make $40 - $100+ an hour with online writing, but the trick is to understand it won't happen overnight. This type of money comes with experience, but it possible in much less time than you may think. Many begin seeing this kind of return within just a couple of years. The trick is to know where to start and to treat the venture as if you were building a new business.

For example, it is a very good idea to draft a plan for the first 6 months to 1 year complete with goals and milestones. Expect the first 3 months or so to be a time of learning, when you are "getting your feet wet" and deciding where to go. After this, things pick up rather quickly, and you can safely plan to quit that day job within a year if you so wish. Those of you already out of work should consider it a blessing in this case!

My own story begins when I was fired from my retail management job for the most mundane reason I can think of. I was furious then, but now consider it one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. I haven't had a job since then, and could not be happier with my work.

Consider your plan malleable, as you may progress more quickly or slowly depending on your ambition and life situations. Do not, however, consider it a "someday" plan which you can put off. You only cheat yourself by cutting corners.

The best way to start off your online writing plan is to decide where you will begin writing. Some sites pay upfront for your articles and some only pay a portion to you based on the traffic your articles get. Some writers choose only to work with private clients, others for content mills, and some choose to balance both. Still others go a completely different route and earn money from their creative writing.

There are several websites which offer free and legitimate advice to help you avoid the scams being offered. is one of the most comprehensive sites out there for online writing information and is a good place for beginners. There are also plenty of other sites and forums with others to help you get started, stay motivated, and achieve your goals each and every day.

The possibilities with online writing really depend on your efforts and are virtually endless!


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