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What is Workplace mediation?

Updated on February 22, 2011

Mediation is the 21st century way of examining differences and resolving Workplace disputes. It avoids the drawn out, costly and often adversarial alternatives provided by the courts or employment tribunals. It requires the services of a professional mediation specialist who will be able to conduct a workplace mediation session in your workplace.

Conflict, disagreement and a failure to communicate are holding you back. In the modern workplace nothing slows down progress faster than the delays associated with unresolved human resource issues. Solving these issues in a voluntary, non confrontational and totally confidential and discrete manor are our exclusive objectives. We can help.

Keeping the channels of communication open is one of the core factors in any successful enterprise. Navigating those sometimes stormy waters can be perilous at best and disastrous at worst. Professional and experienced mediation is the modern navigation tool that we provide.

Transforming conflict into creativity through open & honest dialogue.

How can a mediation service solve your immediate human resource issues in a timely and cost effective manner?

What would a Mediation Service do for you:

  1. Initially they should assess the need and examine the workplace conflict issues. The mediation process is a voyage of discovery.
  2. Next they should offer a proposal that includes recommendations for the mediation process and conflict management
  3. Third and most important they would be the professional and experienced facilitator of the mediation itself ensuring all parties are aware of results in a totally transparent process. No secrets, no lies. The mediation process is essential part of an organisations conflict management process.

What the Next stage in the Workplace Mediation Process?

The mediator will start by talking separately to the people involved in the workplace dispute to find out about the situation, how the individuals feel about it and the effects it is having. Later on – when the time is right – the mediator will bring the individuals together in a joint meeting. At that meeting, everyone will have the chance to say exactly how they feel without being interrupted and to listen to how the other person feels without interrupting them.

The mediator will ask questions, help all the individuals involved look at the situation realistically and help them come up with ways to improve things and move towards resolving the workplace conflict

In some circumstances, where both sides ask, the workplace mediator can recommend a way forward if the parties cannot find their own solution.

Conflict costs in terms of managers’ valuable time and the valuable time of the individuals directly involved in the workplace dispute. The rest of the team are also affected as they are distracted by the conflict and the atmosphere it causes. Going through procedures is time consuming and doesn’t always resolve the problem. Those involved may be absent from work through sickness and stress and they certainly won’t be giving their all to the job. All this impacts on the productivity of the organisation, and if it ends up in an employment tribunal, the average cost is around £30,000 this can be prevented by developing a conflict management process which includes workplace mediation.


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