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What is a Foot Care Nurse?

Updated on November 18, 2015

What do they do?

Foot care nurses assess each clients health history and perform a foot assessment. The foot assessment includes checking pulses and circulation and range of motion of the foot as well as a gait analysis.They check clients foot wear to see if they fit properly and educate clients if they are at risk for falls.

Foot care nurses use this knowledge to determine how they will treat foot conditions such as heavy calluses, corns and reduce thick or fungal nails.

Education is a large component to a foot care nurses duties. Foot care nurses have the luxury of seeing clients on a regular basis every 6-8 weeks as toenails grow and are able to follow up with clients when they are trying to make improvements to their own health.

They perform non-invasive treatments for foot conditions which means that they do not breach any layers of the skin when providing treatment. If additional treatment is required they refer to other health care professionals such as podiatrists (foot Doctors).

What is a Foot Care Nurse?

What is a foot care nurse?

Foot care nurses can be Registered or Licensed Practical Nurses who take additional training and education in the anatomy, physiology of the foot. They also learn skills to perform non-invasive treatment of foot conditions.

A foot care nurse is an essential member of the health care team. They can work independently in their own private practice or part of a multi-disciplinary setting. They collaborate with Physicians, Podiatrists, Social workers, Nurses, Wound clinics, physiotherapists and other health care professionals.

Non-Invasive treatment of Calluses to heel area
Non-Invasive treatment of Calluses to heel area

Type of work they do

Foot care nurses work in various settings. They may work in a clinic or may go into a clients home to provide treatment . Many foot care nurses are self-employed and services are covered by private health insurance plans or can be tax deductible. This benefit does not apply to services in a salon by an aesthetician or nail technician when getting a pedicure.

They are also regulated health professionals which means they are held to a higher standard and must abide by their standards of practice. They are governed by government health agencies and must sterilize all their equipment and practice best practice guidelines in order to continue to practice.

Please check your local regulations to make sure you know the laws pertaining to these services.

Foot Problem Poll

Statistics show that 75% of individuals experience foot problems. Which of the following foot conditions have you experienced?

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Tips on How to become a Foot Care Nurse

  • Check with your local post secondary facilities or colleges to see if they offer a foot care nursing program.
  • Requirements vary from province to province or from state to state to check with your local regulatory body to find out the process on how to become a foot care nurse where you live.
  • Check with your local nursing associations and professional groups as they can be a great resource for nurses who would like to get info the foot care field.
  • Do your research! Check out different websites and literature before you make a decision of which course you should take as some courses are not accredited.
  • Check out the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses website or Nurses Entreprenurial Foot Care Association website at

Who needs a foot care nurse?

It is important for you to see a foot care nurse if you have any of the following conditions:

  • difficulty caring for your own feet
  • diabetes
  • poor circulation
  • auto immune disorders
  • history of foot ulcerations
  • undergoing dialysis treatment
  • arthritis

If you want to improve your over all health or quality of life consult a professional foot care nurse for advice or treatment.


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