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What is advertisement?

Updated on May 29, 2013

Advertisement is a specialised form of communication. Its primary purpose is to persuade the party being advertised to, to perform, or not to perform some actions, or to do something differently.

Advertisement can be categorised into categories based on which senses it appeals to. Such categories are:

  • sight: this type of the most conventional and most widely used form of advertisement. Examples of it would be television advertising, billboard ads. Regarding online advertising, most ads online are sight category ads (exceptions from this are video-, audio (podcast) ads).
  • hearing: It is when you hear the ad. Most prominent example of ads that appeal to you hearing are radio ads.
  • smell: When you are exposed to a pleasant smell, for example to bakeries in the underground
  • taste: For example, when advertisers give out samples of a food product, to have a first hand experience of it.
  • touch: hold and touching towels that are washed with a certain washing powder product.
  • feelings: These type of ads appeal to feelings such as love or fear or something.


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