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What is an Integrated Workplace Management System?

Updated on December 20, 2013

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) comprises real estate management, facilities management, maintenance management and project management all contained under one convenient and accessible desktop portal.

Whilst this holistic approach to organisational efficiency, is in itself, a major asset to any company – large or small – the real beauty of employing IWMS technology in your workplace is the often dramatic impact it has on cost savings, providing a potentially extraordinary Return on Investment opportunity for your business.

Not only could an IWMS help your entire workforce become more productive and efficient overnight, but by injecting ‘real time’ information, routine task automation and people and contracts management into your everyday schedule of activities, you could dramatically improve the way your company conducts its business dealings from now on.

And if your company has a dedicated Customer Service department, just imagine how this state-of-the-art software could help you run a more tightly organised, productive and happier ‘ship.’

Keeping customers or clients satisfied is by no means an easy task whichever way you look at it. And dealing with customer queries and complaints can be unrelentingly stressful on your staff too, so utilising the right software could make a huge difference to your employees’ morale. Indeed, the Health & Safety Executive’s annual report concluded that 10.4 million working days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety over the financial year 2011/ 2012 – that’s no small consideration.

The problem with stress is that it can escalate fast; one person goes absent and their workload transfers to the next person in the chain. This can create a demoralising knock-on effect which can result in multiple employees exiting the business at the same time. If you value your staff then it pays to keep them on side.

Looking at the thorny issue of customer care from a customer’s point of view, if you’ve ever contacted a Customer Service department and been left dangling at the end of a phone whilst the advisor tries to sort out your query, then you will surely understand how your own customers might feel. And worse still, if you’ve been shoved from one department to another, where you have had to go through the rigmarole of relating your query over and over again, you will know how interminably irksome this procedure can be.

But what if your company was so supremely organised that your Customer Service agents could sort out customer queries at the touch of a button? What if your company were to gain a reputation for exceptional service and customer care amongst its peers? Wouldn’t that be something to shout about in your marketing materials, future funding rounds and PR campaigns? I should say so.

Arguably, many companies view customer complaints as a bad thing, but in fact they can amount to quite the opposite. Wouldn’t you rather know about your customers’ problems in advance so you had the chance to solve them, then simply have them go patronise your nearest competitor’s business and not tell you? The truth is, that customers whose complaints are satisfactorily resolved are 80% more likely to stay a customer of yours. Not only that, but there is every chance they will recommend you to their friends as well!

Managing a growing operation can be a tough call at the best of times, with increasing demands on your key resources. Yet having advanced software systems in place will benefit both your employees and customers alike. Perhaps one of its best features is the ability to readily share information across departments, divisions and so forth. No longer will the time-honoured excuse of: “but I didn’t know – no-one told me,” hold up to scrutiny.

Down at my local bank I happen to know that their staff mantra is: “This job would be perfect if it weren’t for the customers.” Not very charitable (or customer care-oriented), I know. But then I’ve also stood in line for 15 minutes whilst the hapless cashier has tried to resolve a customer’s Standing Order query – so I guess it works both ways!

Professional software systems are vital to the smooth running of any business that’s for sure. But when that business is your own it’s understandable that you will demand the very best in high-performance software for the well-being of your organisation and those who come into contact with it.

There can be little doubt that having a bespoke Integrated Workplace Management System could benefit your organisation in multiple ways. Indeed, for the vast majority of companies, IWMS has proved a real ‘game-changer’ in terms of cost-savings, maximisation of facilities’ use and personnel output. All in all, a dramatic improvement on the juggling of assets and expenditure that impacts favourably on that critical bottom line – and keeps your customers coming back for more of the same unique ingredients only your business can deliver.


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