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What is an MBA and Why do I Need One?

Updated on October 5, 2012

What is an MBA?

An MBA, or masters of business administration, is a degree that is important to the advancement of anyone who wants to reach the upper echelons of management in their company. It is a degree that requires a lot of work to get, but it has satisfying results and it can pay off greatly in the long term. The MBA is basically a required degree for wannabe executives, but it can also help net salary raises and promotions from employers who want their people trained better.

An MBA is a post graduate degree in business communications, and it is recognized all over the world. People in MBA programs are especially well equipped to deal with business in a global environment because the course focuses a great deal on the interplay between suppliers and overseas firms, and it takes a very macro look at the business world. Many thousands of students come to the United States to earn their MBA degrees from one of the prestigious institutions here.

How do I Get an MBA?

The Masters in Business Administration program has evolved to meet the challenges of the changing business world, and it always changes to stay on top of trends and changes in technology. Most people who apply for the programs are already in a career that they wish to advance in, and they range from 26 to 40 years of age. The programs take different amounts of time to complete, and there are many that bill themselves as being perfect for working students because they fit around the schedules of the people taking the class.

To get into a top business school you need a top GMAT score. A score over 600 will greatly help your chances of getting in to the program, and it will show off your intelligence and skills to your future school. It will take between 2 and 4 years to complete the program depending on how often you are able to take classes. There aren't usually any requirements to take an MBA course, although it is highly recommended that you first have experience in business or finance, so you will be familiar with the concepts that are being taught.

What Schools Offer MBA Programs?

Schools that offer executives MBA programs offer special part time studies that also count “practical experience” for credit which means you can go to work and actually get academic credit for it as well. The special concerns of executive students are best dealt with by staff that is used to working with students from non traditional academic backgrounds, so schools that specialize in this are best.

In conclusion, an MBA is a professional degree for professionals. It is a business degree that helps hard working men and women prove that they have what it takes to become management, and it teaches the essentials behind running a business and communicating effectively with employees and customers. Business Administration also means global business, so an MBA educates people on international finance and the workings of the economic machine.


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