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Develop a mindset for success

Updated on April 9, 2013

Success leaves footprints


We often see someone who is successful and the first question we ask is, "How did they do it?" We are concerned with the how.

It is an often repeated saying, "Success leaves footprints." And we buy into that saying when we ask, "How did they do it?" But if we follow the "how" and fail to understand and follow the "why" our results are likely to fall short. Life is not like a cake recipe. We cannot blindly follow someone else's footprints and get the same results.

You have probably heard and often used the expression, "It is not what you said, it was the way you said it." The same is true of our actions. It is not what we do so much as the thought process behind the actions. It is our mindset. If we blindly follow some steps without fully understanding why we are taking the steps, the results will not be as helpful as we had hoped.

Which brings me to the conclusion that the mindset for taking the action or the why is much more important than the "how-to".

How then do we develop a mindset for success? Changing our mindset is not easy. But the first step is being open to new ideas and ways of doing things. You must be open to doing things differently. You must have an open mindset, allowing you to look at life from a different perspective. If you cannot accept new ideas and embrace change, you will not be able to change your belief system. You will continue doing the same things you have always done and you will get the same lifestyle you currently have.

. With a growth mindset, we do not spend time on trying to defend our preconceived notion of how the world should work. We are constantly exploring for new and better ways to do things. We are seeking alternate ways to view the world.

We realize that continual learning and growth are vital to our success in life. We are not afraid to take risk. We take responsibility for our life and our actions. We give up blaming others for what happens in life.

We fully understand the dangers of living in our comfort zone. And we realize that success will only be achieved when have the courage to break out of what is comfortable.

We learn that living up to our own standards is more important than worrying about what others may think of us.

We plan for the long term but our actions are focused on the short term. We know that time is the most precious commodity we have and therefore we treat it wisely by not wasting any.

We understand that we have complete and total control over but one thing in life and that is the way we think. Therefore we guard our thoughts with care. We are careful not to let other contaminate our thoughts and therefore our life.

If you will change your mindset, you will change your life. Remember just trying to follow someone else's steps without the proper mindset will not get you the results you want. Develop the right mindset and the circumstances of life will be greatly improved.


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