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What is Positive Thinking

Updated on May 28, 2011

What is Positive Thinking

Almost all of us have been told at some time or other to think positive. I was no exception, however my problem was, I never knew what exactly positive thinking meant? After I joined sales, this phrase was often used literally to make us gulp unrealistic targets. Whenever I complained my boss about targets being too high, showing my inability to achieve it, he would silence all my concerns with two simple words… THINK POSITIVE.

For me positive thinking became a dreaded tool in the hands of bosses to shut our concerns and queries. After mustering courage one day, I finally asked my boss “ Boss what is positive thinking?” he said, “ You should never think that you will fail but accomplish whatever you have set out to accomplish.” Sounded good to me but not convincing, because at times the situation did not permit me to think positive. I wondered “How can I think positive when I am being asked to meet a very busy client four times a week, just to remind him, I am alive and he needs to use my product? How can I think positive when by motorbike fails on a highway, on the way to a very important meeting? How can I think positive when competition quote is half of what we have quoted?” Big dilemma!

Fast forward 10 years, from a fresh graduate I reach a position where people report to me, I earn respect in the industry for my abilities, and as a voracious reader and experienced man I learn what actually is positive thinking. Now I understand that it is certainly not jumping in inflamed oil well, counting on superman for rescue! The following lines I am using to explain the true meaning of positive thinking and when combined with positive action it can change the outcome of any event in your favor.

THINK HOW YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH YOUR OBJECTIVE? And not whether you can achieve your objective or not: A lot of us spend a lot of time evaluating, weather something is achievable or not, STOP THAT! Because it drains a lot of energy. Instead think how you can accomplish that objective, when you change your thought process, you will get innovative intuitions for doing things differently. You will also find vigor, energy and enthusiasm to act on answers that you get through positive thinking.

This has worked wonderfully for me and I am sure would work for anyone who implements it judiciously. We always tend to get things that we look for, it is an undocumented law, so it we look for problems we will always get problems! Change it LOOK FOR SOLUTIONS and you will GET SOLUTIONS! Try it and post you feedback here for others to benefit.


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