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What is the job of job sites?

Updated on January 30, 2011

What is the job of job sites?

When you are looking for a job, whether you are employed or unemployed, you are probably stressed out. Job sites are excellent resources for people to be able to find jobs, but many times people bash job sites as scams and things that don't work. The thing that I don't understand is why people expect the job site to get them hired. That isn't what a job site or job board is supposed to do. So what is the job of job sites?

Job sites are there to help you find opened positions for multiple companies in one place. They basically eliminate the need for classified newspaper ads and help to save you time from having to go to every company website hoping they have something open. They make looking for open positions a much easier task by aggregating open jobs from many employers and help you submit your resume to multiple companies from one place. With that said, many larger companies have automated screening tools which means you'll have to recreate your resume when you get to their site. So the job of job sites is not to get you hired, it is to help you find open positions for multiple companies in one place. They are meant to save you time, not get you hired. Why can't they get you hired? That's up to you.

Some job sites offer tools and career coaching to help you do better with interviewing. Others offer resume writing services. Some help to connect you or show you how to find the contact information of HR Departments and hiring managers, but if you are now going to be proactive, then you will probably not get the job. The other thing that most people forget is that job sites can show you what is opened, but it is up to your resume and your own skills and personality to get the job.

If your resume doesn't sell you properly, you probably aren't going to get an interview. If it doesn't have the proper keywords to match the job description and needs, it probably won't get passed the automatic screening tools. If your resume is great and you get the interview, then it is up to you to sell yourself. If you cannot sell yourself during the interview then you cannot get the job.

Job sites can help you find open jobs, but it is up to you to get the interview and to sell yourself to get the job. The job site can't go to the interview with you and your career coach won't be there to hold your hand. Sometimes people need to realize that if they want a new job or a better job they have to be proactive and fix their resumes, learn to sell themselves and make a great impression. Job sites will help you see what positions are opened, but it is up to you to get the interview and then the job. It isn't their job to get you a job, job sites are there to show you what jobs are open and to help save you time. Before you call them a scam or think they are scams, try to remember what their purpose is and what is your job as well.


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    • profile image

      lds 5 years ago

      actually makes alot of sense. And i plan to use this new infor. as i go forward, thanks.