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What it takes to make money online (quick guide)

Updated on May 14, 2014

Yes this can be your's

First things first!

Lets face it we all need money right? So most of us have to work to earn it that is why when we get it we don't really want to spend it. Well what if I was able to help just about anyone dramatically increase their income. Walk you through it step by step and even show you live video and or screen shot of exactly what to do. Do I have your attention? Well how about if I said it won't cost you anything to start making money and it really works, I have tested it many times. Now do I have your attention? If not then this is just not the place for you. If you are interested in learning what it takes to make money online then read this article and you will surely be earning in no time.

Some Tools You Will Need

  1. A valid YouTube account. (free)
  2. A valid Email account. (free)
  3. something to talk about or point of interest (free)
  4. A computer,cell phone, or mobile device with internet connection (most people have at least one of these) so again (free)
  5. Internet connection or wifi connection (some places are free)
  6. common since (Should be free but not everyone can say they have it)
  7. An adsense account (free)
  8. A brain (free) if you don't have this I can't help you.
  9. A Facebook and or twitter page (free and must be valid)
  10. a bank account or valid address to receive your payments (there are free bank account)

How it works

Here are the things you need to do. In other words how it works from start to finish.

The first thing you need is to setup your YouTube account. Got to click on create new account fill in all the required information proceed through sign up until complete. Once complete got to blogger and sign up to blogger. Use the same email address you used with YouTube because this makes it easier for you to keep track of your log ins. Once you have blogger set up go to Google type Google adsense in the search bar click go and select the sign up link. This is the hardest step because it can take up to a week or more before Google approves you for their adsense program. Check back often to see if you have been approved. Sometimes they don't notify you so just try to log in. If you are approved you will know it.

How to sign up. Tutorial Video


Why Facebook? Well lets see there are many reasons but you will start to understand soon enough. Facebook is packed with lots and lots of people right? Most of us already have at least 50 friends who all have at least 50 friends each. That means that when you post to facebook your recent activity is posted on your friends news feed. The news feed is the first thing anyone sees upon logging in. So the first thing anyone will see is the most recent thing you have done. Your friends and family obviously has something in common with you or they wouldn't have accepted your request to be friends on Facebook right? So do you think that if you post something they won't be the first to check it out.

They will more then likely point other people to your page or the post and create either a fan or possible costumer. Then that person will tell someone else and so on and so forth until you have a few regulars that always look for you post now. Then their friends become regulars and before you know it you are getting 1000's of views per day. Thus building one hell of a following. Just remember to post all of your work and listen to feedback from your commentator's.(The people giving reviews or commenting on your work)



Why Twitter? I'll tell you why Twitter is the Advertisers playground.It closely backs up Facebook. In case you missed a friend or two. I mean you don't get followers for nothing right? Link your twitter to your Facebook page this saves you some time and effort. By linking to Twitter from Facebook your post are automatically posted to Twitter so you don't have to re-post. That way your Twitter and Facebook followers get the message or post at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. Twitter is simple to use and you can mostly just post links but if you put a hash tag or two on your keywords when posting to twitter you are more likely to be seen or viewed by interested people. Now that you know what twitter and Facebook are and how they fit in to this P.O.A. Plan of action you should make sure you are all linked up.



What's Blogger you ask? Blogger is a blogging service offered to everyone for free by google. I t is fun to use and since search engines love blogs this makes it easier for people who are just browsing the internet or using a search engine to find you and your site or blog.Visit your Blogger and log in to your blog spot. Setup your blog to look and feel the way you want it but keep in mind that others will also notice this when they visit your blog.

Save all of your changes. Once your blog is setup you might want to link it to your adsense account so that you can earn from your blog as well. This could increase your earning by up to almost 30%. If you are having any trouble trying to figure blogger out check out the below video for more information and a quick run through on how to use Blogger. Keep in mind what you use it for is totally up to you but you have to stay within the guidelines or Google will terminate your adsense and your blogger accounts.

How to use Blogger


What is Youtube and why is it important? How is YouTube going to help me earn an income online? Let begin by explaining what YouTube is? YouTube is a video sharing social network and search engine. It allows you to search and watch videos, as well as upload and share you own videos, It also has an embed feature which allows for sharing on other sites and networks. How can you earn an income online that's easy simply by becoming a YouTube Partner. There are many other ways too but our main goal is to focus on the partnership side of things.This is super easy to do.

Just create better then good content upload it to YouTube share it with your friends and family and ask the to share it and to keep sharing the content outside of their friends and family and before long you will find yourself receiving an invitation from YouTube also known as Google. They will be the ones signing and writing or as they say in the business world cutting your checks so stick to the rules and follow the terms and you will have no problems. For more on how YouTube works please watch the below video.

How YouTube really works

Google Adsense

What is Adsense and how does it work? Adsense is an advertising network for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers ads are displayed on the publishers website or blog. It is content based meaning that they are usually related to whatever your site or blog is about. So by signing up for a free publishers account you share in the earnings. Advertisers use Google's ad hosting program to create ads and server them to the public through Adwords. Adwords charges advertisers to serve ads based on a budget set by the advertiser, Google pays a percentage of all the ads served to that publisher once you reach the threshold you are paid on a monthly basis.

This is just a brief rundown of how the program works. There are rules and guidelines that must be followed like not clicking your own ads, and not offering incentives or asking people to click your ads. Also they don't allow you to post ads on adult networks or any type of illegal substance site. The T.O.S. will explain in full detail what is expected of you. The video below can also help you to understand a bit better. Google is pretty strict when it comes to following policy so as long as you stick to them you will do fine. There are levels of confirmation you must also deal with later on after you have earned about $10.00 just to verify you are real and that you can receive payment.

Now that you have all the basic details The next section will cover what exactly needs to be done. I will also cover best practice in order to earn the most. Keep in mind like any other job you have to put in time and effort. As I mentioned earlier this is not a get rich quick type of thing but it really works and since it is free it can depending on time and effort take some time to make what you might want to make. My best advice is set an earning goal and work toward that.

How Google adsense works

Setting Earining Goals and Best Practice

Setting Earning Goals is a method I like to use to increase earnings. By setting earning goals you not only increase your earnings but you also begin to develop better content which in turn generates better keywords resulting in higher ad placement earning you more. By setting earning goals you can also determine how much time and effort it takes to earn different amounts. Once you reach your desired earning level you can continue to set the same goal or set a higher one. This is possibly the best lesson you can learn. Not only will it help in the SEO process it will help you better understand the level you can earn on. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization this is optimizing your site or blog so that it can be indexed by search engines like Google,Bing,and Yahoo to only name a few. The better you optimize the higher your page rank. The higher your page rank the easier it is for others to find your site or blog. This can also be done with video though the process is a bit different.

One of the best ways I have learned to SEO is by researching top ranking keywords or search terms this can easily be done however it is not always easy to create content for the search terms so to get you started Place a comment in the comment section along with your email address and what it is you are trying to create content about and I will send you a list of Keywords and or search terms I will also be posted by request only to my Money Makers Group check out the link above for more tips and training information.

Now for the fun part. Creating the content. Content what is it you say well that is all the stuff your site or blog contains to make your site or blog just that your site or blog. Though your site or blog can be about just anything it is best to focus on one,two,or three topics,points of interest,niches,or products or services. The reason for this is because everyone has some type of skill,information,service or product that people need. There will always be someone in need of something you have to offer. These are your potential customers,visitors,followers,ect. These are also the very people you need for your earning to increase because your content is what they was seeking they can and usually do, bring you more potentials.

Once you have your content idea no matter what form its in you should make mini YouTube advertising videos and upload them to YouTube and post them to your blogger page. Include a link in your video to your site and or blog and in the video description for more info on how to do that check the group I will be posting tutorials for windows movie maker camtasia studios 7 and a few others on how to put the link into your raw footage. On your blog and or site post a link back to your video or playlist. Please remember to read all T.O.S. and policies on YouTube and Adsense. Since you will be able to post ads in your videos you might want to even do a few informational videos or welcome to my blog or website videos and embed them or post them to your site and or blog. From there simply post to Facebook and Twitter and you are done. Remember to update often and add fresh content daily or regularly.

Special Thanks To

Google Adsense






and everyone who helped with the videos

hope this has helped you and thanks for reading looking forward to helping everyone who is interested, just post the comments as instructed and visit the site also mention if you would like me to post the keywords in the list.


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