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Jobs for the Life of the Party

Updated on January 8, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, industrial engineer, mother of 2, and a published sci-fi and horror author.

How Can I Make Money Partying?

If you live to party or love throwing parties, you may want to find a job that lets you make money as the life of the party. The best jobs for those who like to party are in sales, entertainment, party planning and event management. Let's look at each category in detail.

Affiliate Sales

There are many sales opportunities for those who like to party; sales is a perfect job opportunity for those who like to throw parties. Affiliate marketing is a natural job for those who like to party. Tupperware parties are one of the most famous types of affiliate marketing parties. However, parties with affiliate marketing are not limited to Tupperware. Scents, candles, cooking items, adult items and children’s toys are all forms of affiliate marketing that have been sold through parties.

You can host parties at your home or away from home in a rented space. If you enjoy attending clubs, sign up as a marketer. You can be paid to promote specific alcoholic beverages or tobacco products to other patrons.

Entertaining at Your Home

What do you do if you like to hold parties but are not a salesperson at heart? Get to know local affiliate sales people in your area. Then start scheduling the parties for your friends. As the host or hostess, you receive a portion of all sales at the party you host. The proceeds range from 5% to 15% for most affiliate marketing programs.

You don’t have to do any sales or sign up for anything yourself. You only have to provide the location, snacks and possibly entertainment or childcare, then invite potential customers to the party. You then receive a portion of any sales made at that event.

Good entertainers can make $50 an hour or more.
Good entertainers can make $50 an hour or more. | Source

Be the Center of Attention

For those who want to party and be the center of attention, become the entertainer. Comedians, magicians, clowns, face painters, story tellers, DJ’s and performing arts all provide a means of being the life of the party and paid for it, too. Pay rates vary on the type of service offered to how much competition you have.

Clowns may make $50 to $200 an hour, with higher rates given to those who can do balloons and magic in addition to telling jokes and slapstick acts. Magicians receive higher pay as the complexity and skill of their act increases. Entertainers also typically get to enjoy the party after their act is complete.

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators can be paid to plan and throw parties. Event coordinators may throw private parties such as birthday parties, anniversaries or coming of age ceremonies. Others take on commercial clients, planning holiday parties and company picnics for employers. Wedding planners are also paid, among other things, to plan parties. Planning a wedding may just be the start – you may also be able to plan the hen party, bachelor’s party and reception.

Caterers make a living preparing food for parties and often have the chance to enjoy the event as well.
Caterers make a living preparing food for parties and often have the chance to enjoy the event as well. | Source

Supporting the Fun

If you enjoy parties but do not have a particular talent, you can make money supporting the fun. Decorate cakes for the parties. Create edible designs out of food for party trays. Set up the acts for entertainers. Serve drinks and snacks as a host or hostess. Work as a club promoter outside a club, bringing in paying patrons and earn the right to attend the club on your nights off.

Work as a bouncer or security guard at entertainment venues. Many of these positions provide tickets for employees for the nights they are not working. Help set up bounce houses or handle animals for children’s parties to cater to the younger crowd and be well paid by their parents to do so. Work as a photographer at parties and get paid to take pictures of everyone having fun.


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    Vitalii Buza 4 years ago from 2715 Eagle Canyon Drive South, Kissimmee, FL 34746

    Hello, I like parties and also Organised parties. but some people said there is no future in this field. But i read your post and also happy to see there is great career options. I am too happy. Thanks buddy to write a nice article keep it up.