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Qualities which makes a good leader tick

Updated on August 18, 2017


A good leader comes from God. Some say a good leader is born and others are of the view that a good leader is made - it's inconclusive and debatable. A leader can be defined as someone who is in a position of authority. A leader or a manager performs a variety of duties in an establishment.

Roles of a leader

A leader delegates duties to subordinates, recommends and promotes workers. Policies and procedures are communicated to staff by the leader or manager.Leaders take care of the welfare of workers.They should offer staff development, manage facilities, resources and manage budgets of their establishments. A leader disciplines, praise and encourage workers. Above all a leader is responsible for team building.

Qualities of a leader

There are certain qualities expected from an ideal leader of the twenty first century. Gone are the days when leadership was inherited and taken as a 'blue blood' privilege. The ideal world we live in today believes that leadership should be earned through competence and hard work ,it should not be handed to an individual on a platter without working for it. There are certain qualities expected of a leader. These qualities are mainly divided into three categories, I shall highlight in the following paragraphs:

Organisational Qualities

A good leader should be capable of meeting projects deadline, not afraid to delegate and approaches tasks with enthusiasm. A good leader should understand the technical aspects of the job and be interested in training staff.A good leader should keep records of administrative tasks and also should be computer literate and be in a position to budget effectively.

Personal Qualities

No-one likes a leader who is a liar, hence trustworthy is one of the prerequisites of an ideal leader. A leader needs to win the hearts and minds of the subordinates by being reliable and dependable. An effective leader should have plenty of commonsense and must be initiative. Having courage of convictions and embracing change makes a leader likeable by subordinates. The ideal leader should be determined, be good at solving problems and display logical thinking.

Interpersonal Qualities

A good leader should not disclose confidential information of workers recklessly. A good leader should know the strengths and weaknesses of the subordinates so that each one of them can be managed accordingly .A good leader should encourage feedback from the team,listens to views of staff when making decisions. A good leader should be prepared to counsel staff on personal issues, be prepared to speak up for and support the team. A good leader should offer praise when due.

A good leader should choose to work as a team rather than being a traditional leader who always runs late and is found sleeping behind the desk.A hands on approach to management is the key. A good leader should be well read and be up to date with the current information pertaining his/her role. He/she shouldn't be found wanting intellectually by subordinates. Strike a balance between being a traditional leader and a progressive leader. A good leader should know what he/she tweets or post on social media for it might have repercussions on his/her job.

A good leader should be fair and firm. Subordinates need to be treated fairly,they are adults working for their families - at the same time should be firm with those who may test his/her position.A leader should be confident to handle any situation. A good leader should avoid cliques at work. There are certain leaders who chose to talk and laugh with certain individuals at work whilst shunning other workers. This is poor management, a good leader should have time for every worker under his/her leadership. Choosing workers to socialize with as a leader is counter productive, it causes factions at work and it becomes a breeding ground for gossip, name calling and lack of production.

A good leader should be approachable, should be able to show emotions when need arise. A leader is a human being, crying when the situation permits is not a weakness. Likewise laughing when the situation allows is not a weakness,its part of being human. A good leader should not discuss personal problems of workers with other workers. A good leader should be a secret keeper and a confidant to all workers - back biting usually bounces back and bites the leader. Every worker should be treated as a unique individual with something to offer to the company. Tolerance and a big heart are requirements of a successful leader. A good leader should know the nuts and bolts of his/her trade, he/she is there to guide and lead subordinates. A good leader should be well versed with human rights issues and should know the code of conduct of his/her profession. Being jealousy and competing with your subordinates is tantamount to unwanted attention and conflict. Treading carefully prevents explosive conflicts among subordinates.


A good leader should always remember that nepotism and corruption can bring disharmony in the establishment. Promotion should be on merit rather than whom you know. A male leader shouldn't solicit for sexual favours from women in exchange of promotion or overtime at work.Likewise a woman leader should also avoid sexual favours from males. Kick backs and sexual harassment will pull you a leader down. Tribalism, regionalism and racial segregation when employing workers should be avoided at all cost.Equal opportunities for all should be the guiding principle in recruiting workers. Selective leadership, divide and rule tactics should never see the light of day at the work place. A good leader should promote the vision of the company to the outsiders.A good leader must always remember not to bring home problems to the work place.


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