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What to Avoid If You Want To Be Promoted

Updated on September 20, 2015

Do you want to get promoted? Then you have to think twice before committing any mistakes that we will mention later. Most people commit these mistakes without even knowing it. Before you know it, there chance of promotion starts to slim down and the opportunity is given to others.

If your boss asks you to do something, give it 110% of your talent and skills. This gives a good impression about you. And when that promotion comes, for sure you will also have an increase in salary, which is what you are after isn't it? So be aware of what you are doing in your office or whatever work environment you have. Be the go to person rather than the hated person in the office. What are the mistake that people usually do that’s why they don’t get promoted?

1. They never deliver on time.

Whenever you say that you will submit a report on a specific time or you have to finish a project within a scheduled date, make sure you can deliver it on time. If you always do things untimely, chances are, you will never get promoted. Because they know that you are always late when it comes on deadline and you don’t commit to promises.

2. They are not keen observers.

You need to learn to observe every single detail of your work and the rank that you are aspiring to be. Because when the time comes that they will test your skills and you say that you don’t know, you have missed your chance of showing that you are reliable. Learn more everyday and it will come in handy someday, especially if you want to be promoted.

3. They are not resourceful.

This is very common to lazy employee, whenever you ask them to do something, even just to test them if they know something about the job, they will immediately say: "We don’t have the materials or manpower to do it". Maybe you are right, but have you ever thought that maybe your boss is asking a suggestion from you, that if you are in charge of that project, what you will do to complete it with the current resources that you have.

Don’t be negative and before you even say NO, better think twice. It could be a deciding point whether you’ve make a good impression to your boss or not.

4. They don't task questions from person who experience those jobs.

Remember the saying: "Experience is the best teacher?” It is true and you can benefit from the experience of others in a very big way. Never limit yourself to understand what you need to know. Ask questions from people who have experienced the job. Learn from them and use that information to your advantage.

5. They focus on promotion and forget their current job.

Those who are very eager to get promoted fell into the trap neglecting their duties and responsibilities. It should be balanced and your current position is the stepping stone to move forward. If you just focused on your goal to get promoted and forget about doing your current job right, chances are you will both lose your job and your opportunity to get promoted?

6. They don’t show good results of their work.

In everything we do related to our job there should be a result. It is about getting things done, meeting deadlines, and delivering high quality service or products. If you want to get that promotion, don’t forget that work is all about results. If you can manage to bring good results all the time, then you will be rewarded later.

7. They keep themselves invisible.

Being good at work, but shy makes you invisible. If you really believe in what you do and you know that you are good at doing your job, and then brand yourself. Don’t be afraid that others will know that you are the one who did that and let them compliment your work. It is a simple promotion of your actions. By this way, you’ll get noticed and probably a raised in salary or promotion.

8. They don’t want to try new things.

The only thing permanent in this world is change. You must be able to embrace change as part of your world. Don’t be afraid, adapt to changes, it applies in every aspect in our work. Company policies change, regulations change, management change, people change, deal with it. Find a way for the change to work in your advantage. If you can do that, then you are the master of your arts.

If you decide to get promoted, remember these pointers that we have discussed. It is not so difficult; it just needs some effort on your part to implement it. Knowledge without action will not benefit you.

Just remember to give your best in every aspect of your job, don’t expect too much in return, that way you don’t get disappointed. You need to invest on good impression that you will need later on. The right time will come that you’ll get your reward. An increase in salary would be nice isn’t it? Be observant in your workplace, if you are aspiring a certain position for promotion, start learning the skills you need, don’t let them know you are teaching yourself, some people are jealous if they find out you are aspiring their position.

But most importantly never forget to help others if they need your help. You need to extend help to your fellow employee so that in the end they will do the same. Remember the golden rule: "You reap what you sow".

So now it’s your turn. Tell us more about what you think and write in the comment below.


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