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What to Do If You Lost Your Job?

Updated on December 7, 2011

Losing a job can be tragic and can lead to a lot of complications especially if you are not prepared. The most difficult to tackle would be on the financial aspects in coping up with all the expenses and obligations with no source of income to pay them off.

So what are you going to do if you have lost your job and how will you handle the situation? Below are some useful advices to help you out on this difficult unexpected time.

1. Be calm and don’t panic so that you will be able to handle the situation in a positive way.

2. Ask your boss and ask yourself why you have been laid off. Having clarity to the reasons of losing your job will make you understand, keep your mind focus and think of the right solution to resolve the problem.

3. Determine where you fall short on your job performance. Conduct a self evaluation versus the employer’s evaluation of your work. This way you will be able to see and understand if you have done your job well as per the assigned duties and responsibilities or you have not met the company’s expectations and deliverables.

4. Check on other factors that contributed to why you have been laid off to make you better understand and accept the situation. It might be that there are other external issues involved on the employer’s side that they have to revert to this decision. Possible reasons maybe that the company is having a restructuring of its employees, a change in management, or probably financial problems and that downsizing of its workforce is one of its alternative ways to cut on operation cost.

5. It is normal to be sad, worry and grief for the lost of a job but do not stay long on this condition. It will not help you move forward and think of positive solution to your problem.

6. Gather all your inner strength and courage. Do not treat this closed door opportunity to be the end of everything. Do not let this setback drain your energy and wear you off as a person. Stay positive and know that there will be new job opportunities for you.

7. Do not argue or make a fight with your boss anymore instead accept the decision of the company in a pleasant and professional way.

8. Check and verify with your immediate manager and HR department for all unclaimed benefits and receivables from the company during your work tenure.

9. See to it that you will be able to get your due receivables as per the labour law in your area.

10. Prepare a proper job hand-over for clearance and graceful exit from the company.

11. Update your resume adding details of specific tasks and responsibilities you have undertaken in previous jobs and current contact details: phone, email, skype account or other ways that employers can get in touch with you. Use a good looking picture in your resume to make a good impression to hiring employers.

12. Prepare a very good resume that it is appealing to the employers and see to it that it shows how well experience you are to be competitive to other job applicants. Please note that your resume is your initial tool to market you to the employers and convince them to give you a chance to be interviewed and get hired.

13. Check the market for current job openings and see where you can possibly apply.

14. Get a list of all recruitment agencies and possible companies that you can apply. Then submit your resume to all of them to increase your chances of getting a job as soon as possible.

15. Make use of all means to get a job. Apply for jobs both online as well as physically visit companies and distribute your resumes.

16. Check the local newspapers and online job postings to apply for jobs accordingly.

17. Make use of all your existing contacts. Get in touch with friends and other potential people to help you get a job.

18. Make use of all your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in to get in touch with the right people to help you out get a job.

19. Post classified ads on local newspaper and online free classifieds for job wanted. Several employers go through these channels to get a candidate for job interviews.

20. Check for other alternative jobs that you can apply based on your job experience and skills.

21. Do not be afraid to try something new in your career. Taking different path from the ordinary may take you to greater achievements in the future.

22. While you are still looking for a new job, take it slow in your spending habit. Allocate your existing money properly knowing that you still don’t have a back-up income to cover you up in the coming days.

23. Review your financial budget and work on cost cutting to save money, avoid future money problem for you and increase your endurance while unemployed.

24. Check for possibility of getting an immediate part time income to help you out.

25. While unemployed maximize your free time to learn new things, improve your knowledge base and skills to improve your marketability.

Hope above practical tips will help you out. Stay positive. Do not give up. Be patient. Pray and take that step of faith that everything will be well for you in the coming days.


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    • profile image

      hana 4 years ago

      iIf you are in transition, you may benefit also from to find a new job with the help of your social web. Just try. It is very simple.

    • OMGirdle profile image

      OMGirdle 6 years ago from United States

      Great hub with good ideas.

    • brandasaur profile image

      brandasaur 6 years ago from Planet X

      Thanks for this Hub! Really it's so hard to lose your job most especially when you're the bread winner in your family. Too much problem and stress will take place for sure. And that number 1 tip is the answer with this problem. always be calm and don't panic. if you're calm, you can think much better for your problem.

      In addition to this, always be POSITIVE. Put in mind that there's much better opportunity waiting for you!