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What to Invest in a Home Tutorial Business

Updated on March 10, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.


What Should You Invest in Your Tutorial Business?

You are now set to go into business with your tutorial services; what’s next?

Invest in your business.

Investment is crucial since this will determine your success in the future. There are many types of investments that you should put into your tutorial business if your aim is for your business to grow.

Take note that without these investments; you don't expect your business to grow.


Personality Investment

  • The Capital I’s – I stands for Interest, initiative, intellect and insight. These I’s will guide you through as you trudge along in your tutorial business. You need to have that interest to initiate intelligent action; thus leading you to an insightful decision.
  • The Capital P’s – P stands for patience, perseverance, productivity and positive. These personality traits serve as your starting capital, if you want to become really productive. Patience keeps you working no matter the situation. Perseverance is your determination to keep going; thus leading you to a better productivity that will give positive results.
  • The Capital L’s – L stands for love and leader. Love is crucial and when I say love, I mean love for your work and the children you are teaching. Be a good leader to them also because it is in your good leadership that the children will finally learn better.
  • The Capital M’s – M stands for mentor and mother. Instead of being just a teacher, be a mentor to your students especially those who most need your help. Being a second mother to your students brings about better learning results.
  • The Capital C's - C stands for communication, consideration, coordination and camaraderie. Communication is very important since you and your students need this in order to understand each other. Coordination plays a great role in the teaching and learning process too. Both student and teacher, including the parents should coordinate with each other regularly to achieve a better relationship. Being the tutor, you must also be considerate to your students. There are times when you have to adjust for the sake of your students. If there is good communication, coordination and consideration then there is likely a strong camaraderie build within the classroom. This is what will make the tutorial business materialize.



Material Investment

  • Money – Money of course is needed in every business you put up. So, this is impossible to set aside. Although you don’t need a big capital for home tutorial business, you still need money to move around and keep you in business.
  • School Supplies – Yes, you need school supplies to keep your business going. You need to invest on writing papers, pens and pencils, notebooks, crayons, coloring pens, sharpeners, erasers, clips, stapler and staple wires, paste, glue and scissors. You don’t always need these things but sometimes the children have assignments where they need these things. Some tutorial centers just do the follow-up of the lessons in school but in our case, we also do some extra job in doing the assigned tasks of children. Sometimes we even help with the projects. It all depends on you. But this would be a plus in your part.
  • Small Machines – As your business grows, you need a computer and a printer. When we first started our tutorial business; we did the paper works manually. We made the activity sheets hand-written with carbon paper to duplicate. When our students became more and we had the money to buy computer and printer, we invested in a good computer and a 3 in 1 printer that can print, scan and Xerox copy papers. This made things easier for us.
  • Text Books – Books are a must because you want to have some references. Books are good investments when tutoring because you will use them for several years. Even if the schools change books, the contents are still similar.
  • Other – Of course, you need other materials such as electric fans, additional chairs and tables and storage boxes for your school materials.

These are all very necessary when you plan to maintain a tutorial business. As your students grow more, you need additional materials.



Time Investment

  • Set a Time but Don't Limit- Time is crucial in the tutorial business. You need to devote time to your business if you want it to grow. In our case, we don’t count the time. We don’t set a limit because some students are fast and some are slow. We give them the worksheets then let them answer until they finish them.
  • Give More Time to Those Who Need It - Children are individuals with different intellectual capabilities. You have to give more time to those who need it most. I our case, we let the slow learners work with more time without extra charge. It is your option though if you charge more for them.

As you go on with your business, you will learn more and more useful things that will help you become more productive. Never mind if t here are problems that come your way; the important thing is, you are learning as you go.


Your Best Investment is Time


When I started my tutorial business, I started with only two students. That time I was teaching in a preschool in the morning. So in the afternoon, I tutor two children. But after a month, more students came, until I cannot accommodate them anymore and I had to ask the help of my elder sister.

I learned as I went into business and learned from the children too.

Your best investment is your time with the children and the way you deal with them. If you are good, parents will come and bring their kids to you.

Today, my sister and I are both tutoring and business is good. It may not be a big business but we are planning to move to a better place in the future so we can expand.

Tutorial business in the Philippines is getting better since people are already adapting the trend. With the busy schedules of parents, even with yayas at home, some parents prefer to put their children to tutorial centers for follow-up lessons.

It’s not yet too late to start a tutorial business because more and more school children need tutors.



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