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What to Look for with Onsite SEO

Updated on September 16, 2015
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These are a part of a hub series that is aimed at helping people better promote themselves online in simple and effective means.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method that is used to help promote websites with search engines. SEO is a combination of using metadata and web content to both draw people into your website while also making sure that web-crawlers are able to find your web site. In the past many companies would use services like traffic exchanges or practices like keyword stuffing. At one point these things would work, but today these kind of methods will do more damage than good. Spammers exploited these systems and this caused the search engine companies to start using methods that penalized websites that where taking part in it. If for some reason you do end up getting penalized, there are ways to reverse the ruling. Most of the time this can be a drawn out process and it is best to take the extra steps to make sure it doesn't happen in the first place.

Make Your Website Stand Out

Good practices go a long way.
Good practices go a long way.

Never Use Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when you fill a website with the specific keyword that you are looking for. Web crawlers use to search for webpages by looking for words that where relevant to the search. The more of the given word there was the more the crawlers thought it was the right site. Instead of having a web where the information that you are looking is there, you ended up being brought to advertisements. Spammers had exploited this system and this forced the search engine companies to rethink how their search engines where functioning. With the current status of what google looks for, you will want to stay away from anything similar to this practice.

Quality Content Goes A Long Way

Never cut any corners.
Never cut any corners.

Longtail Keywords

When you are looking to come up with a solid keyword strategy is is important that you focus the keywords only for the metadata. The searches that people are going to be conducting may end up being phrases that are not going to be able to easily be fit onto a webpage. Many search engines have also been not putting as much emphasis on keywords as the once did. While at first this sounds like something that might hurt your traffic, but with the right strategy this can turn into a long term investment that can really make your website a success.

With this change the Longtail keyword has found its place. These are keywords that are not the most popular for certain goods or services. For example; if you running a fashion shop, instead of using fashion and trying to keep repeating that, instead go with discount fashion or high end fashion instead. These phrases can help web-crawlers match up your on site content and your snippets. This will also help you compete with more established websites without having to fall back on having to use keywords with a lot of traffic already on them.

Social Media: A Rising Force

The impact social media has had changed the way strategies are made.
The impact social media has had changed the way strategies are made.

What Has Social Media Done?

Social media has become a rising force and has allowed for unique methods to arise. With the emphasis being put more on creating great quality content, social platforms can help with increasing the exposure of a web site without worrying about loosing any substance to your site. Keyword stuffing had a tendency to make many websites seem like they where just copy paste sites instead of being written by a real human being. By using social media as way to bring traffic to your website, you can establish a good SEO base without worrying about loosing people to your site in the short term. It is important to remember that good SEO is part patience. Once you have established the right means your site will have good long term growth Social media is a tool that can be used to give you site a launch a good means to promote to people while your authority builds.

Always Keep Your Customers In Mind

The better you know your customers the better you can run a SEO campaign.
The better you know your customers the better you can run a SEO campaign.

A Flexible Plan

When you develop your SEO strategy you are going to want to make sure that you give yourself some play room. At times the need is going to come up that you are going to have to go with a different direction with your website. Sometimes this can be caused by a change that comes from the search engines, but other times it might be making a move to better appeal to your client base. People's tastes will change over time and successful business are ones that can always meet the needs of their customers. By being able to effectively pivot with your plan when the needs comes up, you can make sure that you minimize your dip in web traffic.

Every Platform Optimizes A Little Different

Optimizing Different Platforms

When you run a store your main focus on SEO is going to be directed at your main website. This doesn't mean that SEO stops there however. Every platform that you are going to be looking to promote on is going to have its own standards that you are going to have to keep in mind when you are generating content. Youtube, while being owned by Google, is going to have different variables that go into optimization that you are going to do for a simple crawl bot. When you are coming up with your SEO plan you have to make sure that while considering the various platforms, that you still keep everything connected. You want people who visit your site to be able to recognize you on every site. You also are going to want to have all the different profiles show up during a web search.

Always Remember The Basics

Quick Wrap Up

SEO is how you get your website noticed online. It is a process that is prone to change but with the right knowledge this won't have an effect on your website. The main thing you have to always keep in mind is that you need to havehigh quality content. The more people like your website the more it will grow. If you keep the following points in mind you should have no problem coming up with a good SEO campaign.

  • Be Patient: Once you have your SEO foundation set, you are going to have to wait for it grow and develop up to the level you are aiming for. Generally you can expect to see results within 3 to 4 months.
  • Never Cut Corners: There are many companies online that will try to sell you methods for overnight success. Most of the methods they are using are outdated and will end up hurting your site authority.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality: Always make sure that you posting the highest grade content that you are able to. Getting your page noticed is only half of what you have to do. Developing a good relationship with your client base is going to be what turns your business into a success.

These three points will help you when you are coming up with the best coarse of action for your online presence. Building up your website has many factors that go into that can effect your SEO but developing the right foundation is the first step that you are going to need to take. With the changes that have already occurred the sites that have not had to worry are the ones that give visitors what they are looking without bogging them down with unnecessary information or a massive amount of advertisements.

© 2015 Jon Peloquin


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