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What to Wear to an Interview in the Winter

Updated on June 21, 2012
If you throw in foul weather, figuring out what to wear to your winter interview can be difficult.
If you throw in foul weather, figuring out what to wear to your winter interview can be difficult. | Source

Congrats! You got a job interview! You've got your suit and dress shoes ready to go, but it’s snowing outside? What on earth are you supposed to wear to an interview in the winter? You need to look sharp and professional, but you also need to get there without getting wet or freezing to death.

The key is to layer as much as you can for a winter interview. Drive or catch a taxi to your interview if it’s at all possible. If you absolutely must take public transit, invest in as professional-looking winter wear as you can find

Long Underwear

You'll need a layer of long underwear to keep you warm for your winter interview. Look for warm fabrics that don't have a lot of bulk. You don't want to look over-stuffed in your suit. Also keep in mind the neckline of your shirt. For men wearing ties, this is not much of an issue. For ladies, make sure your blouse completely covers your layers. You may need to look for long underwear with a scoop neck.

Long-sleeved Dress Shirt and/or Sweater

A long-sleeved collared shirt (and tie for men) will look the most professional. If you're really concerned about the cold, you can wear a sweater or sweater vest over your shirt.


Obviously, you'll be wearing your suit to your interview. Hopefully you've got one that's a heavier fabric, like wool.


A good overcoat will protect you on your way to a winter interview. Get a classic black or charcoal overcoat. Try to stay away from down jackets if you can. These don't look as professional, but if the weather is really fowl you may need to opt for one. Wool/cashmere blends are a good option. They tend to block wind, keep you warm, and still look sharp.


Choosing the right shoes to wear to a winter interview can be tricky. The best option is to get some professional-looking black boots. These need to be dressy, but sensible. Clarks is a good brand that usually has some good options for both men and women. Be sure to waterproof your boots before you head out. If you have to walk a distance in the snow, you can wear your sturdy winter boots, but take along some dress shoes. Ask the receptionist where the restroom is and change your shoes when you get to your interview. Bring along an over-sized bag for your boots. Stash them in the coat closet with your overcoat before the interview starts. If there isn't a coat closet you might ask the receptionist if you can leave them at her desk.


You’ll need a few winter accessories to stay warm on your way to the interview. A scarf will bundle you up and protect your neck and chest from the winter elements. Get a nice one in a solid color. To keep your ears warm, wear some ear muffs. These are a better option than a hat since they won't mess up your hair. If the weather is really bad, you may need to go for the hat, however. You'll also need a pair of gloves. Go for something without bulk. Leather is a good choice.


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      Elly 3 years ago

      So much info in so few words. Toolsty could learn a lot.