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What to consider when choosing a cleaning service provider

Updated on September 18, 2009

Tips for picking the right cleaning service provider

Tips for picking the right cleaning professionals for your cleaning needs.

Are you looking for professional cleaning professionals for your home, or office?
Too many cleaning companies to choose from?
How do I pick the right company to work with?

Before you let someone coming to your home or office to clean, think about these things will help you to make right decisions in picking the right company to work with.

1: Is this a reputable company?
Well established local or national name company?
Do they have all necessary insurances to cover any damages might occur?

A company will have more credential, if they are either a national or well established local company. Check the yellow pages for company adds, or search online to get more information about the company back grounds and history.
You can also check with a local janitorial supply company for a recommendation.

Do not pick someone off the street to clean your home or office without any back ground checks.
You could be asking for lots of trouble.

Pay little extra, but get the service from the well established local companies or someone you know well have referred you to this company.

2: Even with the well established companies might have some new employees that have not been worked there long enough to prove as a trust able and honest individual.

So, before arranging for a cleaning service for your home or office, make sure with the cleaning company that you have chosen to work with and make sure that a person or persons that they will be sending are;

Have this individual/s been working with them long enough to be tested, reputable individuals and company have done the back ground checks already.
If any individuals have any of these following past history, you want to avoid;
Criminal history, drugs, violence, drinking problems, etc.

Have they received proper cleaning procedure trainings?

So, do not just think about the lowest price quotations only when you are choosing a cleaning service company. There are more other important matters to consider, especially when it involves your family, home or office.

These are some of essential points to keep in mind, before deciding which cleaning company that you will be using for your cleaning needs at your home and office.

Contributed by: Janitorial Contractors
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