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What to do after that business trade show or conference

Updated on August 22, 2014

Coming back from a trade show

Trade shows are an excellent place to network and learn about new industry innovations. You'll often return to your desk feeling inspired, that is until you sit down at your desk, open your inbox, and find yourself overwhelmed with your regular work needs. But before you get caught in the cycle of just catching up, here's a great plan of action to ensure that your trade show experience doesn't get pushed to the sidelines:

Begin with follow-up emails.

  • Within the first few days of returning, set a schedule for emailing vendors and individuals you met at the show. Email-designed apps like Mailchimp can be helpful for analytic tracking such as open rate and clicked links. Organize and document your activities in your CRM, while also preparing yourself for next step tasks.

Schedule a planning and brainstorming session.

  • Spend at least an hour with your door shut and Internet-devices turned off to go through your trade show notes. Consider what you've seen in regards to industry trends, innovations, and enhanced systems. Where do you and your company fit in? Craft an action plan that addresses your strengths, weaknesses, and greatest opportunities. How can you implement the best things you took away from the trade show? Schedule a meeting with your coworkers and employees to walk through this list and encourage active participation.

Blog about it.

  • Information sharing shouldn't stop at your office. Use a website blog to share what you've known. This is a highly effective way of improving traffic to your website and company, and cementing your name as a person of knowledge in your field. In the next week, while the information is still fresh, pick out five huge topics, whether they're ideas or innovations, you took home from the trade show and craft a unique and informative blog post about each. However, when posting them to your website blog be sure to space the posts out, one a week for five weeks, to keep readers coming back.

In summary

Trade shows have amazing value for those who attend. These are excellent places to build new partnerships and learn about upcoming industry innovations that can lend to your company's future growth. The important thing is to take what you learn and apply it in a quick and precise manner.


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