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What to do to increase profits during your eBay auction

Updated on December 28, 2009

I find that this part of the sale is the easiest part of selling items on eBay.  It can also be the most fun. 

In fact, I often have to fight the urge not to check eBay every minute to see if anyone has bid on my items.  I highly recommend not looking unless it is at four hour intervals.  Granted, there are times when things do change quickly, and an item that gets zero bids can get three within a few minutes. 

Do not worry if it seems like no one is bidding on your items, even if it is a few days into the auction.  I have mentioned before that more people surf the net over the weekend, and they are more apt to bid on your products then.  Keep your eye on the number of Watchers.  These are the people who are on the lookout for your item, and are probably planning to bid on it.  However, they want to get the best deal possible, so they bid at the last minute.  This in eBay is known as “sniping”. 

During the sale, you will receive questions regarding your item.  They will range from anything like “what condition it is in” to the usual “how much to ship to (insert place here)”.  I usually don’t bother answering the “how much to ship” because the shipping calculator should answer that question.  However, you will want to make certain that any pertinent question gets answered because these people are potential buyers. 

Some people have specific ways that they want the item shipped, and its best to tell them that you will take note of their requests if they win the auction.  Make certain you keep that promise.  

Now, while you are selling your item, it wouldn’t hurt to get the word out.  Granted, you friends probably don’t want to be sold to, but people that you have sold to on eBay might not mind hearing about a similar item that you are selling. 

Keep track of whoever is bidding.  If you want, you can send them a personal message, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless they send you a message first. 

As soon as an item gets a bid, it is officially sold!  Granted, it may receive another bid, so it could sell at a higher price.  As I mentioned before, it gets very exciting once the auction comes to a close.  I found that the money you are getting from sales will often double in the last few minutes as buyers have a “bidding war” over your items. 


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