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What would you do if you found out the office building where you work has bed bugs? Would you quit or would you stay?

Updated on December 17, 2015

Kelly Anderson quit her job because there were bed bugs in the building.

Kelly Anderson took a temporary position at the IRS office in Covington, Kentucky. The bed bugs were so bad, according to an article on, that workers covered their seats in plastic bags. After two days of working there, Anderson quit.

Everyone appeared to know about the problem.

"People had warned them to put plastic garbage bags on their chairs so that you wouldn't catch it," Anderson said.

Does Your Workplace Have Bed Bugs?

Different Public Servant Positions Have Been Reporting Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs have been reported in a number of different work settings. Sometimes it’s because the workers go out and bring them in and at other times, it’s because the bed bugs are brought in with the people who come into the buildings.

The firefighters in the city of Bellefontaine brought bed bugs into their firehouse unknowingly when making a routine call. The bugs hopped a ride on one of the firemen and then bit one of the firemen in his bed, says Bed bugs are notorious for hitching rides on unsuspecting visitors.

Firefighters are susceptible to coming in contact with bed bugs.

Would you stay at your job if there were bed bugs reported?

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Bed bugs seem to be reported on the rise in libraries, which is almost understandable as a large amount of people cycle through the average library. Even County and City offices across the nation are reporting incidents of bed bugs.

Don't Get Bed Bugs

The problem is on the rise. It’s creepy that you can’t even go into work and not be bothered by the growing problem.

If you want to avoid bed bugs, please check out my book on Amazon, which is available in Kindle format.


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