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What you should do and not do at a Job Interview.

Updated on April 24, 2012

The Ideal setting.

What to do at a Job interview, or when applying for a job.

First thing's first, you just got up, from a full night's rest, you take a shower, or bath, brush your teeth, put on deodorant, but not too much, you fly out of the house, and get on your way to the job interview, the rule of thumb tell's you your on track.

On the other hand, actually in the office, or waiting room of your employer, or where your applying for a job at is two different thing's, there are rules, and behavior you must, and I mean is a must to go by before you even apply for a job, it takes practice, I understand you need one, as do I, but there are certain thing's that make for a sure fire hire.

One, sitting in the waiting room, or reception area, here's a list of things TO DO:

  1. Sit quitely until you are informed to continue on with the application process, if there is not wait, knock on the door, or the side of the door if the door is closed, wait until they get up and give you your application, make direct eye contact, and respond with, "Yes Sir, or Yes Ma'am", sit back down in the reception area until you are finished, remain quite and calm, once you are finished, be polite and knock once more and let the secretary know you are finished.
  2. Once they have accepted your application, shake their hand, and thank them for their time, REMEMBER: eyes contact is the most important thing, it let's them know you are paying attention and wide awake listening.
  3. Go home, wait every 2-3 days and call about your application if you have not been notified other wise, if you do not, the employer will take that as you don't care.
  4. Once you are notified for an interview, you have your Resume, and all the necessary items you need, mark on your calendar when it is, and remember it.

At the Job Interview:

Once you've made it on time, and are completely prepared, you've done your morning routine, your on the fast tract to success. There are Two known types of interview's one is a Single Person interview, and one is a Board of Interviewer's, all these answer's apply to both.

This is a list of thing's NOT to do at a Job interview:

  1. Never put your feet on the desk
  2. Never ignore the interviewer.
  3. Never pass gas or beltch.
  4. Never walk in there nervous.
  5. Never ask all the questions, only when notified to ask them.
  6. Never laugh, unless it's obvious to.
  7. Never Dress sloppy or un-groomed.
  8. Never get disgruntle or aggressive with your interviewer.

The list goes on and on, the most obvious of all this is that it's all common sense.

What TO DO:

  1. Knock before entering, enter when told to.
  2. Stand until you are instructed to be seated.
  3. Shake their hand, if proposed, and if they don't mind by making observation's.
  4. Make complete eye contact.
  5. Sit up straight.
  6. Pay attention.
  7. Answer any question you feel suitable to answer.
  8. Keep Calm.
  9. Put your hands in your lap.
  10. Smile, it never hurt anything.
  11. If you need to use the restroom, ask to be excused.
  12. Shake their hand once the interview is over.
  13. Say, "Yes Sir, or Yes Ma'am".
  14. Leave them with a good notion, say something like, "Have a good day, thank you for you time."

Using this approach is a great way to land a job, always when filling out an application you are truthful, and honest about everything you put on it. If not and your employer find's out you most likely will be fired.

So what have we learned from this so far?

We've learned that eye contact and observation's are key, alertness and paying attention, and listening are what makes for a sure fire hire.

Remember these thing's, I can't promise you, because we all work differently but these are by far the best result's in job hunting you can get.

Thank you for your time.

The Truth

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    • Allen Williams profile image

      Allen Williams 

      6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Very good tips and well written. I voted up and useful.


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