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What happens when you start using a project management tool?

Updated on July 24, 2016

The benefits of a project management software are several. They are not limited just to the manager, but the clients and the team can also see those benefits happening for real.

The question is, exactly how do these tools help out its users?

Take a look at the kind of positive changes that a team can expect to observe after it starts using a project management software to manage things -

Better control over things

The purpose of using a project management software is for teams to control the project, not the other way round. In the absence of something that could centralize everything and bind the efforts in a more useful way, teams are more prone to feeling clueless.

They may feel like things are slipping out of their hands. Management tools provide a mechanism that allows everyone to connect all the dots in a project and derive meaningful conclusions from team's efforts. When everyone knows the direction in which things are moving, they should feel more in control of things; instead of feeling as if they are just blindly shooting arrows in the dark.

Early risk assessment

Problems are easily manageable when they are in the early stage. After a problem has reached the tipping point, that's when it seems out of control. The thing about project management software is that it helps in early risk assessment. You can use it to generate reports. Reports give you a fair idea of how much work is already done and how much is still pending. After some time, the manager will start getting a good idea about the pace at which things are moving. Any delays or roadblocks can be easily identified early just one look at the reports.

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Better time management

How is everyone using the most important commodity - time? This question is always on the mind of management. Project management software helps you answer that question. Time-sheet records against every task execution help in analysing time management and distribution. With just a good look at the time sheets, one can assess the level of productivity and how efficiently teams are utilizing the time.

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No more blame games

Failing to keep up with responsibilities, or not meeting a deadline can sometimes set things back in a project. When that happens who is to be held responsible for it? A project management tool makes it crystal clear whose fault was it if things don't go as planned. Everyone stands clear on their roles and responsibilities, which leave no scope for anyone to make excuses. Blame games and excuses should naturally stop after this.

More intuitive workflow

When you start using a management software you will automatically become more intuitive about everything in a project. You will be able to see even the slightest deviation from the critical path. Things will not catch you off-guard. The problems will surely come and they will continue to. However, everyone will be in a better position to handle them instead of feeling surprised.

Happier clients

Clients believe in facts. They also expect fast results. The more numbers you can show them the better. They will be convinced that the teams have actually put efforts. Otherwise, they may feel that you are just creating things out of thin.

You can use a management software to record productive hours and use that to create time sheets. If you present accurate reports, clients are more likely to stay with you. A happy client is not afraid to get the word out about satisfactory services. This is just what a business needs for branding.

Improvement in quality of work

This one is obvious and should not come as a surprise. You will notice that teams are better able to coordinate, reports are getting updated on time, and everybody stays on the same page. Combine that with effective communication and quality of work should automatically improve. Less chaos, more transparency, better communication, improved coordination - a perfect recipe for delivering quality output.

These are not the only changes you can expect to observe after using a management software. However, these are definitely some of the most common ones. If you delve deeper, you will explore several other benefits.

There is a lot to the management software than meets the eye.


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