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What is the best job you have ever had so far?

Updated on August 6, 2007

My Best Paying Job

I have not had many jobs in my life, but the one I really love I have now had for almost three years and I have enjoyed it almost the whole time. It is a regular babysitting job for a boy who is now 7. I never took the job for the money, but rather because my freshman year of college I was bored out of my mind with so little to do since my college classes were less work then the self instructed high school homeschooling I had done. Now that I have graduated the money is somewhat of a need, but I keep trying my best to be available to continue to work for them with my normal weekend schedule instead of finding a full-time job. I know I will eventually have to leave them, but it has by far been the funnest job I have ever had and probably will always be at least in the top few if not top. I just love playing with the kid, going swimming, the adventuresome camping and road trips, and just talking about the silly things we have done together.

My Best Non-Paying Job

During the Spring Semester of 2006 I had to get an internship as part of the Washington Semester Program I studied in at American University. I really was dreading this part of my program, especially after two of the first three interviewers basically told me I was unqualified at an in-person interview instead of looking at my resume to see that yes in fact I was barely 18, was not majoring in Environment and Development, and had never worked on databases before. If they had advertised the needed qualifications, I would never have even applied, but I do not understand why they wasted their time interviewing me when I obviously was not what they needed/wanted. By the time of my last interview I was ready to just take a F for the course, but my last interview ended up being great and I was offered the internship right at the interview.

My internship ended up being with the Climate Change Department at WWF-US. The internship turned out to be a very enjoyable one. I rarely did any real internship stuff, such as the other intern and I had to find the copy room on the last day because it was the first time we had to make copies. Most of the internship was spent researching for different things, in particular I worked on an article with the other intern about Climate Change and its Impacts in Antarctica. The last week was really fun with it being Climate Camp with attendees from WWF offices all over the world. As part of Climate Camp we even got to go see the D.C. premiere of An Inconvenient Truth and see Al Gore in person after the movie. That along with the rest of the internship was an unforgetable experience.


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    • XvO iMaGiiKz x profile image

      XvO iMaGiiKz x 7 years ago

      im a consultant

      i get over 1000,000 pounds a year

      and its not a bad job

      i get the weekends off

      and some of the people i meet are so funny

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 10 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

      Much success to you! Thanks for the good answer.