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Common Mistakes Made During the Interviewing Process that Will Cost You the Job.

Updated on August 19, 2015

Today is your big interview with a large Corporation; you have put forth extra effort to be well prepared for the interview. You have selected the proper business attire, prepared your Portfolio, and researched the company, as well as reviewed questions and answers that perhaps the interviewer may ask you. Now, what are you missing?

One very important fact to remember is that communication begins before a single word is spoken. How you enter the employers office, makes a powerful nonverbal statement about who you are. It is important to eliminate the kind of body language that sends negative signals to the interviewer. Anxiety produces the actions, but the actions confirm and reinforce the anxiety.

Every employer wants to feel that he is hiring the best candidate for the job position. What feelings are you projecting? If your body language conveys fear, the skilled interviewer will notice the emotion that you are projecting, this could cause the interviewer to wonder if you can handle the job position.


Recognize body language that is to be avoided such as, leg and foot movement which communicates anxiety and a urgent desire to get up and runaway. Repeated lip licking strongly signals fear, anxiety tends to dry out the mouth and lips. Twirling of the hair also suggest nervousness and is very annoying.

The gesture of hand wringing communicates intense distress. Avoid touching the mouth or nose, bringing the hands near the face suggests anxiety or dishonesty, as if you have something to hide. Many otherwise intelligent people make themselves look dumb by covering their mouths when they speak. A rule of the thumb, nothing in your mouth, except your teeth, you are there to speak and listen. No one wants to listen to the equivalent of a cow chewing its cud.


Asking the wrong kind of questions will not get you the job, for instance questions such as these listed below should be avoided.

What is the stress level here? It's a pointless question really, because the "level of stress" is subjective measure.

Does this company monitor Internet usage? This is a question that will cast doubt on your commitment to working on company business.

Can I work form home? It is not a good ideal to ask about ways of getting out of the office before you're even offered the job!

How much vacation time do you provide? If you get an offer, that's the time to ask about benefits, not before the offer.

You will have a greater chance at landing that much need job if you steer clear of the mistakes mentioned above and break the cycle of negative body language. Applying these suggestions alone with the rest of your interview perpetration will effectively allow you to project confidence and professionalism during the interview, qualities your interviewer will be looking for in a prospective candidate.


Jack Griffin "How to Say It at work";

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