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What's Up With YouTube?

Updated on July 26, 2016

Looking Under Google's Messy Bed

Do you remember when YouTube used to be good? Neither do I. The foundation of YouTube was built on misinformation. And I mean it's not an awful platform by any means, but the community and YouTube's management is... Horrendous. I can remember a day not long ago when I admired troll culture, and chastised myself when I saw a comment or something on YouTube that was just unbelievably STUPID. I though nobody could possibly be that ignorant even if they'd tried, so everyone who posted content of a similar nature MUST be trolling. But I was dumb... And, yes, there really are idiots out there.

Okay, okay, I know YouTube is a corporation and it has to turn a profit with their ads, but that doesn't mean they should take something that just resembles a negligible, and very remote, threat to their brand and damage the living of the content creators who put them on the map. I'm sure that at least 50% of the things that I personally read on the Internet are not true, so why aren't the infringement cases assessed by YouTube before they act on it. There's a reason why common practices of justice in the US (and any other nation that has a justice system that's actually WORTH something) require the alleged criminal to have assumed innocence until they are proven guilty.

To make things worse, despite numerous complaints, YouTube doesn't really seem to give a crap. These flaws could RUIN the YouTube platform in a matter of hours if a much friendlier alternative were found. So keep it up YouTube: make my day.


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