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What's Your Story For 2012

Updated on July 10, 2012

Interesting fact that the word “story” has been coming up in my life for the past few months. I was sitting having breakfast and talking with my wife and daughter about weight loss. We were talking about what foods to eat and our daughter was telling us all the “reasons” why she can’t eat this or doesn’t like that. My wife said, “Everyone has a story!”

It reminded me of a conversation on New Years Eve with a new person I met at the party. She saw my wife and I and we are fit. She was not. This immediately brought up the weight loss issues and she asked how to lose weight. I explained how I lost 90 lbs and my wife explained certain things to do. After everything we said, she has a “story” behind why that wouldn’t work for her or how she was already doing it.

Now, I am not Mr. high and mighty after losing all that weight. I still have some to go. The problem was that for 15 years I was just like that woman! I had a story. It wasn’t until I was willing to let go of my story and listen to someone else that had what I wanted, that I began to lose weight. Thus, a new story was being told!

Every personal development person we have seen in the last six months has spoken about “the story”.

What’s your story? What are you telling yourself everyday? Is it the same old story that keeps you stuck? What is your story around:

Weight Loss








We are on New Years Day 2012. Will you start with a new story?

Make it a great day!


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