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What's the Story with Virgin?

Updated on June 6, 2011
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Glendon and his wife have led church ministries, conducted empowerment seminars, and travelled to faraway places on business and vacation.

I have seen the future of the British Empire and his name is Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Branson, the larger than life millionaire adventurer is getting to be as ubiquitous as air, only the Holy Spirit is more omnipresent. A transAtlantic flight nowadays is quite likely to be on Virgin Atlantic, though he is now in a heated tussle with British Airways over the latter's proposed alliance with American Airlines and Iberia.

Sir Richard Branson. Source Wikimedia Commons.
Sir Richard Branson. Source Wikimedia Commons.

As you journey through the streets of London, large billboards advertise the Virgin Media side of the business. Though based in the USA, Virgin Media only operates in the United Kingdom. I hastily fast forward my knowledge of the uk media industry to discover that Virgin Media Inc.(formerly known as ntl:Telewest, after a merger of NTL Incorporated withTelewest Global, Inc.), became in 2006 the first "quadruple-play" media company in the United Kingdom, bringing together a service consisting of television, Internet, mobile phone and fixed-line telephone services, something similar to what the Flow people are setting up in Jamaica. In the field of communication studies this is what you would call telecommunication convergence.

Virgin Media is the United Kingdom’s major cable company, and dominates a market it shares with another big pay-TV operator, satellite-based British Sky Broadcasting, and with Freeview, the free-to-air service.

What really made me sit up and take notice was that booking an Internet bargain ticket over a system called Megabus I saw that the Virgin name was somewhere in the booking. When I arrived at the platform at Euston for the London to Birmingham train I saw Virgin written on it, and looking into the first class was a sight for tired feet. I was travelling standard fare so had to pass four first class cars to reach mine, but was more than impressed. It appears Sir Richard Branson has a franchise for rail service from London to Manchester.

Just keep in mind that this is the same man who is an early player in the space tourism business as well.

What on earth will Richard Branson think of next?


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