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You're Only as Good as Your Word!

Updated on June 20, 2013

You are only as good as your word. Its an old saying but it still holds true. There are others off course -

You are only as good as your word; and

A man's word is his bond.

Why has this topic come up? Well - I recently had some work done on my house ... nothing major, but as I'd just purchased a property any extra money going out was sorely missed, so I was not too keen on it.

However, my wife persuaded me that it was necessary and that paying a professional would ensure a better quality of work than I could produce ... unfortunately this is sad but true - I am sometimes very similar to the Great Goofs that are printed in Family Handyman.

So, with this being said ... I ... reluctantly met with the painter to get a quote. First impressions being what they were I was not that impressed to tell the truth. However he had come highly recommended so I let him in. He did his visual inspection and gave us a quote of £500 (£100/day) to remove the wallpaper, paint the doors and walls in the Lounge and Conservatory.

Quite a bit of money I thought as I know professionals who do not make that much money - I know I do not! In addition to this, I would be supplying all the materials. However I was persuaded to go with him regardless of my misgivings and he started the following Monday.

Now I know, nothing I've said is that positive yet ... and you've all heard the same horror stories that I have about home renovations and builders ... however it actually does get better ... keep on reading - you'll see!

OK I've already mentioned his initial quote was for 5 days work ... it actually took him 3 days to get the wallpaper off the wall, another week to paint all the doors - they are the type with the little panes of glass, and a couple of days more to apply the undercoat and topcoat. All told he was at work for almost 3 weeks (including weekends) ... I was expecting some sort of an increase from him ... however ... and here's the good part ... there was none!!! He had committed to doing the job for £500 and that is all he would take for the work.

Now it could be that he was just doing this job at a reduced price knowing that we'd come back to him ... that's probably just the cynic in me ... but I know that I will be using him again. He did an excellent job at the price he committed to and I would trust him in the future to do the same.

I guess this is the perfect example of good customer service and a positive outcome.


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